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Setting up a VPN server with StrongSwan on Ubuntu 20.04

11 minutes read.

Having a Virtual Private Network (VPN) server enables you to encrypt traffic between your client devices (laptop, cell phone, or tablet) and a VPN server, and thus add another layer of security and privacy to your day to day online activities. This tutorial outlines the steps for setting up a dedicated VPN instance using StrongSwan…

How the Nginx ngx_http_map_module works

6 minutes read.

I’ve decided to run through one of the very important and often used directives in Nginx. The ngx_http_map_module is often used to perform multiple conditional matchings. It equalizes a list of possible values of one (first in the expressions – to be shown in the example) variable with the other. The most common example uses…

Using REST API to upload files to the S3 bucket

3 minutes read.

This article came into existence due to a task we had for connecting the internal piece of the platform with S3 as a backup. In this specific task, we had to manage the PDF files so, this article will revolve around this example. TL;DR: we have some files in our internal system and we need…

AWS Lambda to split a multipage PDF into separate pages

2 minutes read.

Hello kids! Today we want to introduce you to a process we needed to create for a specific task. Given that the AWS platform is a common playground this is where we’ll do the work now. The task we needed solving recently was trivial yet interesting. We needed AWS Lambda to split a multipage…

Getting Started With React and TypeScript

3 minutes read.

When you first starting with React, you just skim through the official documentation and copy/paste code examples in some online tools like However, this post will encourage you to create your own project and focus on learning by doing. The benefit of taking this path is to get hands-on experience with the React concepts,…

Monitoring and Alerting tools – pt3 – Modern monitoring setup

3 minutes read.

Building a modern monitoring solution for your business or application is not an easy task. In fact, it’s a significant undertaking that should be treated as its own project! This article goes into the details of what a modern monitoring setup consists of and how the interdependencies should be managed. It focuses on modern tools…

Monitoring and alerting tools overview – pt2

3 minutes read.

Monitoring tools have been around for a couple of decades. What started as a loosely coupled collection of Bash and Perl scripts checking Linux system parameters through cron and sending emails to system administrators morphed into a sophisticated ecosystem of monitoring, alerting and analytics behemoths in a couple of decades. It all started in the…

AWS Lambda Destinations – bugs review

4 minutes read.

AWS announced a new feature called “AWS Lambda Destinations” for the purpose of asynchronous invocations of Lambda functions. When we invoke the Lambda function asynchronously it passes the message or event to some other AWS service (specific to our own design). In this specific step, we can use SNS topic, SQS queue, Lambda function, or…

Monitoring and alerting tools overview

3 minutes read.

You’ve got online services used by your end-users, or maybe you have the mission-critical internal infrastructure. You need them to be online, almost, all the time. In short – you need monitoring tools. Setting up a monitoring system and tailoring it to your specific needs is not an easy task. There are numerous aspects you…

Security Vulnerability Update – scp

1 minute read.

OpenSSH project had been working on version OpenSSH 8.0p1 in 2019. They published that “scp” protocol thus the “scp” command has a vulnerability with verification of the file name sent by server against the one that client actually requested. This issue was mitigated in OpenSSH 8.0p1 but, was never fully applied across the platforms.Reference:…

VPN options for IT nomads

3 minutes read.

Being an IT nomad in this day and age introduces several digital security challenges that should be taken seriously. Using a VPN while out and about is often a valid form of staying safe while conducting business online. Let’s see what are our VPN options for IT nomads. While using a VPN can significantly improve…

Overlapping cron jobs solution using Flock

2 minutes read.

While working on an in-house project we’ve hit an interesting view on the execution of the concurrent task. To be more concrete, it’s a small segment of an Amazon hosted project. We need a python script in cron running every minute doing some calculations, using Kubernetes and Dynamodb APIs. What can happen in real-life scenarios…

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