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Women in Tech | Olja and Kristina

5 minutes read.

If you take one look around the technology industry, you’ll find yourself asking the question: why aren’t there more women? Despite the certain improvement of gender equality in today’s society, men continue to dominate some industries – and gender bias is prominent in the tech industry. We spoke with Kristina (29), Manager of Theme Engine…

Don’t set entrepreneurship as a goal | Interview with Ivan Bjelajac

5 minutes read.

Ivan Bjelajac, CEO and Co-Founder of MVP Workshop Ivan Bjelajac has been a part of the Tech Industry for 17 years, either as an Engineer, Tech Executive, or company Founder. He contributed to building Devana Technologies – one of the most successful Serbian tech companies. Their SaaS ManageWP was acquired by GoDaddy, one of the…

Transparency is the Key | Interview with Ivana Djokic

4 minutes read.

Ivana Djokic, HR Manager at The coronavirus pandemic has caused tremendous disruption in lives and in business. Companies must rethink, reimagine, and reconsider how they foster talent these days. Also, it is important how they deliver services and strengthen their organizations through a forward-thinking HR strategy. We spoke with Ivana Djokic, HR Manager,…

Hiring is a two-way process | Interview with Milorad Malcic

4 minutes read.

Milorad Malcic, Talent Acquisition Specialist at the The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted organizations and caused human resources managers to think differently about their role as they adjust to social distancing practices and a new work environment that they may never have imagined. We spoke with Milorad Malcic, whose main responsibility is to recognize the…

Interview with Đorđe Bojković | WebHostingSrbija

5 minutes read.

The digital world has shifted critically towards the cloud in any sense of the word. Ten years ago we could have seen obvious signs but, today we are witnessing the magnitude of this shift. is participating in some of the most extraordinary products on the cloud today. With this experience, we are more than…

Interview with Justin Dorfman

10 minutes read.

This interview is with Justin Dorfman who is CodeFund’s Open Source Sustainability Lead and is responsible for growing the platform & championing the needs of the FOSS community. He also co-hosts and produces a podcast called Sustain (Sustain is a podcast that showcases resources and systems so as to reward open source contributions). Ivan: Hey…

Work From Home Insider – Mystery Person Interview

4 minutes read.

So, we have decided to do some “playful cleverness” while being locked in isolation. Idea is to interview a few of our employees and the task others will have is to guess who was that. It’s a part of getting to know your colleagues and keeping close connection to everyone even while working remotely. Below…

Interview with MAIN Architects

MAIN Architects – interview

13 minutes read.

In an entrepreneurial sense and feeling of giving value to what we do and say the BlueGrid team wanted to meet and get to know a small, yet impactive architecture team in Belgrade. We’ve met the founders of MAIN architects Nikola and Marko and asked them to give us some insight into what, where, how… …

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