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And this is our story :)

It was a sunny day in Belgrade, it’s the city nearby Zemun ;), two of BlueGrid cofounders were having lunch in the restaurant "Kod Jage i Gice" when old coworker wrote to one of them on LinkedIn asking for help in putting together a team of devops engineers for existing product.

Without too much hesitation he stormed off to register the company. This first client was our stepping stone into what will today become BlueGrid with teams working on a variety of products in the security industry, market industry and cloud. Regardless of all the clients we have had the opportunity to work with, our main product was always the team we have created. This understanding of in which industry we are actually has brought us the pivoting opportunity into the HRaaS.

HRaaS adoption we see as a long lasting process from consulting agency, developers or customer success agency on a task to solve emerging problems for our clients into the HR platform. The very thing that helped us create BlueGrid as it is is the culture that promotes healthy relationships, knowledge sharing, unity, eagerness towards advancing in any possible way and fun, lots of fun :). Our HR team is responsible for all year long events that are boosting teams' energy, helping the teams to offload and making sure the inner relationship between everyone in different teams helps make culture even stronger.

So, that’s who we are :) One leap of faith led to creation of something beautiful, led to creation of the company that is proud to have it’s employees alongside and happy to be able to nurture just the right company values

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