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Learn From (Bad) Customer Feedback

3 minutes read.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning” – Bill Gates What has been said here takes a huge precedent in whether you will decide to ignore the user’s feedback or take what’s been said by your users and take action. Customer feedback is the information, insights, issues, and input shared by your…

Customer surveys for revenue increase

3 minutes read.

When owning a business, you are looking into all the strategies you can take in order to grow your revenue. The good news is that there are plenty of strategies for revenue growth you can find and implement. In this blog, we will focus on a growth strategy that often gets overlooked in the sea…

New Age Careers | Customer Success Engineer

2 minutes read.

With the advent of technology and the world moving at a rapid pace, there is no surprise that we are witnessing a groundbreaking advancement in different careers. What used to be the corporate ladder has now become a virtual jungle gym. In other words, a workplace that your high school career counselor could not have…

remote software tools

Top 5 Remote Working Software Tools

3 minutes read.

This year, many companies have discovered and started implementing software tools and resources that enable employees to be as productive as possible while working from home. Adjusting to this type of work comes with a unique set of challenges. Therefore you will need to have a unique set of tools to tackle them. An important…

Hiring is a two-way process | Interview with Milorad Malcic

4 minutes read.

Milorad Malcic, Talent Acquisition Specialist at the The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted organizations and caused human resources managers to think differently about their role as they adjust to social distancing practices and a new work environment that they may never have imagined. We spoke with Milorad Malcic, whose main responsibility is to recognize the…

Mad Hiring Process

3 minutes read.

Have you seen “Mad Max” by George Miller? That is what the hiring process becomes without procedures in place to handle the funnel. We’ve witnessed it and felt the results of chaotic bootstrapping of the hiring on our skin. When starting a company it may feel that hiring without the actual process is enough, however,…

“Plan B” is Planning For Failure

1 minute read.

Just recently there was a video with Arnold Schwarzenegger where he explained why the “Plan B” is dead weight. We wanted to touch base on this topic and express the importance of understanding the weight of the truth behind this matter. Long story short is that when you start doubting your plan, regardless of whether…

Customer or Employee

2 minutes read.

Chicken or the egg kind of a question really, we’ve decided to tell our point of view on this matter. It does sound also like “who does parent love more, spouse or their child”. Having the nature of the issue in mind we have to consider different scopes in which both options reside thus, you…

Thought of a day – Brainstorming

1 minute read.

Thought of a day members radiate today is “brainstorming”! People look at the company status and the way it runs and assume there is a procedure behind it that shapes the whole story. If the company strives towards advancement and growth it rarely means there is a procedure that makes it possible. Usually, the…

Interview with MAIN Architects

MAIN Architects – interview

13 minutes read.

In an entrepreneurial sense and feeling of giving value to what we do and say the BlueGrid team wanted to meet and get to know a small, yet impactive architecture team in Belgrade. We’ve met the founders of MAIN architects Nikola and Marko and asked them to give us some insight into what, where, how… …

Company values – how we did it

6 minutes read.

To start defining company values we need to know why we are doing it! Deloitte survey: “73 percent of employees who say they work at a “purpose-driven” company are truly engaged, compared to just 23 percent of those who don’t”. This survey results from Deloitte are showing a share of the expected staff numbers to…

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