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What are the real pros and cons of remote working?

4 minutes read.

It only took a couple of months for the coronavirus to completely change the world as we knew it. Each day we learn a new way to adapt to working from home as we social distance and self-quarantine in response to the current global health situation. The pandemic has shown more people they can easily…

VPN options for IT nomads

3 minutes read.

Being an IT nomad in this day and age introduces several digital security challenges that should be taken seriously. Using a VPN while out and about is often a valid form of staying safe while conducting business online. Let’s see what are our VPN options for IT nomads. While using a VPN can significantly improve…

Security in remote working culture

3 minutes read.

As being stuck in the current no-way-to-go scenario in isolation we’ve decided to do one short awareness-like post on the subject of security on home/remote office setup. A lot of us have moved the work environment to our homes and with that came a few more responsibilities. Just like traditional workplaces, remote and mobile office…

BlueGridders at Home

2 minutes read.

Though bleak these woods, and damp the ground With fallen leaves so thickly strown, And cold the wind that wanders round With wild and melancholy moan; There is a friendly roof, I know, Might shield me from the wintry blast; There is a fire, whose ruddy glow Will cheer me for my wanderings past – Lines…

Work From Home Insider – Mystery Person Interview

4 minutes read.

So, we have decided to do some “playful cleverness” while being locked in isolation. Idea is to interview a few of our employees and the task others will have is to guess who was that. It’s a part of getting to know your colleagues and keeping close connection to everyone even while working remotely. Below…

Company Party 2019

1 minute read.

“Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with a passion.” – Brian Chesky, Co-Founder, CEO, Airbnb. So, as tradition demands, the yearly company party was quite a unique piece of our cultural evolution. Just a month before the party itself, we’ve put together a plan for it and started choosing the topic or…

The end of the 2019 – Happy Friday

1 minute read.

We are entering into the last days of the year 2019 in which we have made some great results, our firm has taken it’s more mature form. It took us only two years to reach some goals we’ve set for ourselves in a five years plan and the challenging future awaits! BlueGrid has moved to…

Trip to Timisoara/Romania

3 minutes read.

This July BlueGrid decided to gather the “Gridders” and friends to visit the city locally known as “Little Viena”, this was the trip to Timisoara/Romania. Timisoara is well known for its unique cultural scheme with being a home for not only Romanians but a large number of Serbs, Greeks, Bulgarians, and Hungarians. Architecture in this…

Company Party – The Beginning

1 minute read.

A leap of faith started the BlueGrid journey and led to us meeting great people that will help us build truly great things together. We are starting small but focused on people, focused on positive values. Company culture we are going to build relies on open relationships with people, empowering ownership and including everyone in…

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