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VPN options for IT nomads

Reading time: 3 minutes

Being an IT nomad in this day and age introduces several digital security challenges that should be taken seriously. Using a VPN while out and about is often a valid form of staying safe while conducting business online. While using a VPN can significantly improve online security under many circumstances, it’s important to know that…

Mad Hiring

Reading time: 3 minutes

Have you seen “Mad Max” by George Miller? That is what the hiring process becomes without procedures in place to handle the funnel. We’ve witnessed it and felt the results of chaotic bootstrapping of the hiring on our skin. When starting company it may feel that hiring without actual process is enough, however, when work…

“Plan B” is Planning For Failure

Reading time: 1 minute

Just recently there was a video with Arnold Schwarzenegger where he explained why the “Plan B” is a dead weight. We wanted to touch base on this topic and express the importance of understanding the weight of the truth behind this matter. Long story short is that when you start doubting your plan, regardless of…

Customer or Employee

Reading time: 2 minutes

Chicken or the egg kind of a question really, we’ve decided to tell our point of view on this matter. It does sound also like “who does parent love more, spouse or their child”. Having the nature of the issue in mind we have to consider different scopes in which both options reside thus, you…

Thought of a day – Brainstorming

Reading time: 1 minute

Thought of a day members radiate today is “brainstorming”! People look at the company status and the way it runs and assume there is a procedure behind it that shapes the whole story. If the company strives towards advancement and growth it rarely means there is a procedure that makes it possible. Usually, the…

Overlapping cron jobs solution using Flock

Reading time: 2 minutes

While working on a in-house project we’ve hit an interesting view on the concurrent tasks execution. To be more concrete, it’s a small segment of an Amazon hosted project. We need a python script in cron running every minute doing some calculations, using Kubernetes and Dynamodb APIs. What can happen in real life scenario is…

Security in remote working culture

Reading time: 3 minutes

As being stuck in the current no-way-to-go scenario in isolation we’ve decided to do one short awareness-like post on the subject of security on home/remote office setup. A lot of us has moved the work environment to our homes and with that came few more responsibilities. Just like traditional workplaces, remote and mobile office setups…

BlueGridders at Home

Reading time: 1 minute

Though bleak these woods, and damp the ground With fallen leaves so thickly strown, And cold the wind that wanders round With wild and melancholy moan; There is a friendly roof, I know, Might shield me from the wintry blast; There is a fire, whose ruddy glow Will cheer me for my wanderings past – Lines…

Work From Home Insider – Mystery Person Interview

Reading time: 4 minutes

So, we have decided to do some “playful cleverness” while being locked in isolation. Idea is to interview a few of our employees and the task others will have is to guess who was that. It’s a part of getting to know your colleagues and keeping close connection to everyone even while working remotely. Below…

MAIN Architects – interview

Reading time: 13 minutes

In an entrepreneurial sense and feeling of giving value to what we do and say the BlueGrid team wanted to meet and get to know a small, yet impactive architecture team in Belgrade. We’ve met the founders of MAIN architects Nikola and Marko and asked them to give us some insight into what, where, how… …

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