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How Has Your Childhood Vision Influenced Your Career Today

Have you ever wondered if your current career has anything in common with what you wanted to be as a child?

The things we loved doing as kids often reflect our natural talents and interests. Take, for example, the kid who was always building with LEGO blocks. That child might grow up to be an engineer or an architect, someone who loves to create things from scratch. Or consider the child who was always organizing games for friends. They might find themselves drawn to leadership roles later in life. Now, think about a kid who enjoyed playing teacher with their friends. That person might be teaching in a real school today, or creating educational materials and courses.

Children who loved playing video games on the computer at an early age may now pursue careers as software developers, video game designers, or IT specialists. Similarly, those who had a childhood passion for helping others or played ‘Doctor’ with stuffed animals might grow up to be doctors, nurses, social workers, or psychologists. Additionally, children who enjoy solving puzzles or playing brain games might develop the skills needed for careers as mathematicians, data analysts, or game developers. The list goes on…

It’s not just about the activities themselves—it’s about the skills and qualities those games helped us develop. Building LEGO structures taught us problem-solving and creativity. Organizing games unlocked skills in leadership and teamwork. Playing video games enhanced our understanding of computers and design. Playing ‘a doctor’ developed our empathy, crucial for caregiving professions. Understanding your childhood passions can provide valuable insights into your strengths and preferences. By recognizing these patterns, you can use them to find a career path that aligns with your core identity.

Even if we didn’t realize it then, these experiences shaped who we are and what we’re good at.

But how do these childhood interests relate to our careers now? It’s all about recognizing those early visions and understanding how they can still drive us today. Think about what excites you in your current job. Is there something that makes you lose track of time, something you’re always eager to dive into? Chances are, it’s connected to something you enjoyed as a kid. Maybe it’s the problem-solving aspect of your work, the opportunity to collaborate with others, or the chance to help people and solve significant problems.

Recognizing these connections can help you find more fulfillment and direction in your career.

As children, we absorbed everyone’s opinions—and people around us did not hesitate to share them. If our parents wanted us to become lawyers or doctors, perhaps we never had the chance to think about our dreams and instead pursued theirs without realizing it.

The point is to learn the difference between what others want for you and what you truly want for yourself. However, it’s never too late to reconnect with what lights you up. Take some time to reflect on what you loved doing as a kid and consider how those interests might still be relevant today. You might discover new hobbies or side projects that can rekindle that childhood spark.
And who knows? It could lead to exciting new career opportunities you never considered before.

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Jovana Cvijanović

IT Recruiter

Jovana Cvijanović

IT Recruiter

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