Cookie Policy

BlueGrid do not use cookies for any purpose that isn’t listed in this document. By using our website you agree that cookies may be sent to your computer and/or any other device you use to access our website.


Cookie is a small information set that is used for several different purposes on the web and is sent to your web browser when certain websites or web applications are visited. Browser will then use this cookie to send back to web server. Usually, cookie is used to identify visitor and keep it logged in on the website or web application. This is how websites know that you are logged when browsing them. Cookies help website understand the behaviour or browsing party and help browsers remember certain state of the visitor and setting may have been used on the website. This behaviour is useful especially for http protocol since it makes browser remembers the state of the visit even though http is stateless protocol. Cookies are usually used for session control (keeping you logged in on the website), personalisation (settings considering user’s environment) and tracking (analytics of any sort).

What types of cookies do we send

We are sending session cookies in order to maintain user login functional and no other purpose is imposed on end user. There are three types of session cookies that we are using to maintain functionality of the website and those are CSRF, JWT and standard HTTP Session cookies. CSRF cookies protect credibility and of data sent through HTTP forms across the website. JWT help strengthen the security on communication between frontend of the website. HTTP Session cookie makes sure you are staying logged on the website when you enter your login details. We also use Google analytics to improve our metrics system and help us understand how our visitors interact with our website. For more information on how Google Analytics works and how they use cookies, please, visit their help page which discloses accurate information on this matter.

How long they persist on your browser

All cookies we use for session control are valid for 12 hours after which logged in user will be asked to re-login back on the platform in order for us to re-validate login and to refresh the cookie validity to extend it for another 12 hours. Note that we are unable to control existence of the cookie on your browser but, only thing that is manageable from our end is the expiration of the cookie after which browser starts treating it as invalid. Only way for a cookie to be deleted from browser is for you to delete it manually.

What data they track

Our session control cookies do not track any data nor are used to transmit personal or other data to our backend system or any 3rd party entity. Our platform generates these cookies and it applies certain data to the cookie itself for browser to prove it’s legitimacy. Server on our end would just validate that it’s the same data it sent to browser after which access to end user is granted. Google Analytics cookies are sending behavioural information to their analytics system which tells us how the pages are browsed, what button is clicked, how long visitor was on certain pages, etc. for full description, please, visit their help page that describes this purpose in detail.

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