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The Challenges And Considerations of Outsourcing IT Services

What is IT Outsourcing?

When you hire an outside company to provide you with the external workforce, that’s called outsourcing. And when you do it in an IT niche, that’s called IT outsourcing. Simple.

IT outsourcing became a huge deal in the modern business world primarily because this field is the first to encounter all changes in the economy and trends. And that’s just one of the advantages of outsourcing – it can help you stay in touch with the latest technology.

Even though this amazing business process has numerous benefits, we’re not talking about them today. We will cover some of the primary things to consider when choosing a vendor for IT outsourcing.

A big number of companies use this process to:

  • Save money and time
  • Find help for complex or long projects
  • Get in touch with top talented IT experts or software developers
  • Improve the quality of work

Can’t wait to see how you can use outsourcing for your IT project? Let’s get into it!

Key Considerations When Outsourcing IT Services

Search on the internet for “Outsourcing for IT service” and you will find hundreds if not thousands of companies providing that service. How to find an ideal collaborator for your business? Think about this:

  1. Vendor Selection Process
  2. Preferences and experiences of the vendor
  3. Vendor’s knowledge and expertise in the IT niche
  4. Data Security and Legal Compliance

Vendor Selection Process For IT Outsourcing

The first thing to do is to search for the ideal outsourcing company. Look for them on platforms like Google or LinkedIn.

This process involves checking vendors from all around the internet, going through their websites, looking for their portfolios and other people’s experience, reading case studies, etc. The more detailed research you make, the closer you will be to determining a strong relationship with your future BPO collaborator.

Now, you’re thinking “Why wouldn’t I put this energy into looking for an actual employee”. However, if you rather choose to do that, you’ll probably face hundreds of applications and CVs, talking to a huge amount of people just to maybe find a perfect fit for your company. And this is just a process to find an employee, where is training, getting them to know the company better, and testing their abilities?

On the other hand, your only job is to Google a few things. It’s up to you.

Preferences And Experiences Of the IT Outsourcing Company

Alright, you just got up with an ideal BPO company and you described it to Google. Maybe you even have a sheet file with all of their website links, but there are still a lot of them.

It’s crucial to take other businesses’ preferences and experiences when looking for a perfect fit for your team or company. You can learn a lot from their achievements, mistakes, and experiences.

The first thing you need to do is to go right to their Case Studies Page. Read about their partners and clients. It’s a good idea to check those clients as well. See how long they are in the niche, what size is their company and how long they collaborate with your potential vendor. 

There is also a chance that your potential BPO vendor doesn’t have a Case Study page, or you’re just curious about what else they did. In that case, check their social media. Especially LinkedIn!

It’s also nice to check who are their followers, are they people from your niche. This is important because this way you’ll be sure if you are their target audience or not.

Vendor’s Knowledge And Expertise in the IT Niche

Not all BPO companies have the specific knowledge and technical experience needed to outsource IT services. Companies must make sure that the vendor they choose for outsourcing has the necessary training and experience in their chosen field.

This is something that requires a little bit more research than the previous one. Of course, looking into their portfolios will get you a great insight into who their partners are. However, it would be also useful to see something like the slogan on their website “We are here for your IT business”, right?

To check this, take a look at their Home Page and About Us page. What is their mission and vision, what’s their goal, what are they trying to do for their partners, and what for themselves? What is their story and values, and probably the most important one…

What is their Company Culture?

You’re maybe considering getting in touch with them in this step. That’s also a great option if you don’t know what you are looking for. Either way, you will find a perfect vendor or get the information on what to look for.

While checking this stuff, you may not want to do it all by yourself (if you are not a part of an IT team). Consider having a head of the IT team or even a whole team when discussing this. Remember, they’re the ones that will spend the most time with a new team member.

Data Security and Legal Compliance are something you would like to talk about with your vendor. In some cases, BPO company policy or country laws are not compatible with your idea of outsourcing.

Some of the questions you want to ask are how do they protect company data, which safety measurements they practice, are they following the law of their country and is that compatible with your vision.

Data security and legal compliance must be given top priority when outsourcing IT services. 

Businesses should confirm that the vendor they choose has strong security procedures in place to guard against different kinds of threats (for example cyber threats). Firewalls, multi-factor authentication, and regular security checkouts may all fall under this category. 

Other Considerations When Outsourcing IT Service

There are still a few other considerations you should keep in mind while making a decision. Not important like these four but will still affect your work quality:

Time zone differences and the Impact of on Service Delivery

When someone is in another part of the planet, it’s quite difficult to keep daily communication. However, if you are determined with your tasks and goals, this could turn into a benefit. You have someone responsible for your project even when your whole team is sleeping. Besides, it’s a good feeling when you see an empty to-do list right after you wake up.

Importance of Cultural Compatibility in IT Outsourcing

We all have so many different, unique cultures, values and visions. The same goes for companies. 

Imagine talking to someone who doesn’t know you, someone who has a totally different perspective and someone who is so different from you. That wouldn’t be a fun conversation at all, right? 

Consider wisely if the BPO company you’re looking for is the right fit for the culture of your company.

Ethics of Outsourcing IT Services to Developing Countries 

We are all human beings, so let’s respect each other

Outsourcing is indeed much cheaper than hiring someone in your office, but you need to stay fair. Respect your vendor and your outsourced team. There are your partners and collaborators, not something you should take advantage of.

From time to time, take a step back and ensure that your partners are treated well not just by you, but also by your team.

This is also something you should talk about with your BPO company. Check if they are okay with your missions and goals. If they are, great! Go ahead!

Final Word

Ah, not as easy as you thought?

Joke aside, business process outsourcing in evolving niches like IT could be extremely useful. You have a chance to collaborate with so many different experts for much lower prices.

As you can see, it’s easier to say than to do, but once you find a good outsourcing company you are comfortable and compatible with, the sky’s the limit.

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