BlueGrid’s Journey – Recap 2023

A snap and 2023 have passed.
Looking back at our previous year, the conclusion is – it has been a great ride.

As we bid farewell to another remarkable year, BlueGrid stands at the intersection of accomplishment, growth, and community. The past 12 months have been extraordinary. New faces, partnerships, and shared moments have fortified our bonds and fueled our ambitions. Join us on a journey through the highlights of 2023, where every achievement, event, and connection has played a pivotal role in shaping our narrative.

Fresh Spaces, Fresh Faces

Driven by growing ambitions, we recognized the need for more room to expand our dreams. The point was clear and in March we stepped into our new office. As soon as we settled in, there was nothing left to do but throw a grand party to celebrate our achievement. However, that wasn’t quite the end of this story. Subsequently, after moving into the new space, we realized the necessity for a new presence on the internet. Therefore, there it was – the unveiling of a brand new BlueGrid website.

2023 Rising Stars & New Arrivals

New space, new office, new faces… Starting with that, one of the most inspiring aspects of the past year has been the addition of 17 new BlueGriders to our ever-growing team. New faces have brought freshness to our team with spiriting and fresh knowledge. Talent and perspective have seamlessly blended into our community, contributing to the diverse swag that makes BlueGrid thrive.

Within our ranks, 11 BlueGriders embraced new challenges and advanced in their professional journeys. The commitment to personal and collective growth remains at the core of our values, and we are proud to witness the continuous evolution of our team.

Collaborative Spirits

And we did not grow just internally. This year marks a significant milestone for our team. We’ve forged four new partnerships, each representing a strategic expansion of our capabilities and network.

Chainlink Labs
WP Engine

These partnerships are not just about expanding our service portfolio; they are about enriching our ecosystem with diversity and depth.
This collaborative approach reinforces our commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation, ensuring that we continue to provide top-tier solutions in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Together We Flourish

Beyond the boardroom, BlueGrid actively participated in community sponsorships through some initiatives. During this basketball season, we have supported the Gardoš 3×3 basketball team. They reciprocated with the great results achieved at this year’s tournaments and thus fueled the fan atmosphere in our team. One more collaboration we are extremely proud of is with the Veternik association “Iz drugog ugla”.

As one of our principles said – knowledge is wealth, we continued to act according to this belief. We have provided essential resources to young minds preparing for the Erasmus program. On the way of this mission, we extended our support to the Fondacija 1% and Centar za razvoj mladih talenata. We have been cooperating with the Foundation for 2 years. Earlier we witnessed all the incredible successes achieved by the center’s participants this year. Simply listing all the successes was hard to do, so we decided to invite the founder of the Foundation and conduct an interview to summarize our cooperation, all successes, and plans.

BlueGrid EVENTures

This year has been filled with so many events that looking back, it feels like reviewing a marathon. Let’s consider them milestone markers we’ve passed in the months gone by.

The first one on this inspiring road was a collaboration with the BIT Institute.
We shared insights and experiences with aspiring IT professionals, offering guidance and encouragement during the Frontend course orientation. Our team had a great time with participants of the Frontend course as part of the reorientation program organized by the Ministry for all those individuals who want to step into the IT world.

March was a blast! We kicked things off with a celebration of International Women’s Day, participating in a unique ‘Paint and Wine’ event that fostered creativity and friendship among the BlueGrid team. After that, we painted the town blue! The smiling faces of our team members graced billboards throughout the city. Afterward, we launched our first offline brand campaign last year, – Why is it blue? Have you ever wondered about that? Go ahead, hope on the link, and discover what our fellow citizens had to say about it.

Meanwhile, our team attended the CloudFest conference in Germany, held in the charming town of Rust within Europa Park. The conference focused on the Cloud industry.

Next, the first CODEstantine conference was held in Belgrade- say no more!
This groundbreaking event brought together IT enthusiasts and experts from various industries, providing a platform for two days of networking, insightful discussions, and valuable connections. Our team had a great time actively engaging with delegates, and sharing expert advice and information.

We continued in the same spirit in May. We were all around the spot, visiting more conferences – two great ones: Avalanche Summit in Barcelona, and OpenIT in Belgrade. Attending these events put us right in the mix with industry bigwigs, sparked some awesome idea exchanges, and kept us on the cutting edge of tech trends.

Summer heated up

As summer heated up, so did our commitment to nurturing fresh talent. We launched a successful ReactJS course, offering promising individuals the chance to make their mark in the IT field. It was awesome empowering the next generation of tech innovators.

The Belgrade Business Run was a total blast, with the crew lacing up for a five-kilometer sprint. It wasn’t just a race; it was a mega boost to our team spirit and a big thumbs-up to living active and healthy. And speaking of living it up, our retreat to Kopaonik was nothing short of legendary. Between the breathtaking views and the chill vibes, it was the perfect way to recharge and bond as a team.

Hitting the global scene, our team moved to Lisbon to rock the WebSummit and showcase all the cool things BlueGrid is up to. It wasn’t just about showing off our achievements. It was about connecting with other tech heads, sparking conversations, and diving into a pool of awesome new ideas and collaborations.

As the year ticks to an end, we’re all buzzed for the holiday festivities. From our legendary New Year’s blowout to the cheerful giving of gifts, not forgetting the beloved Secret Santa game, we’re ready to light up the season with laughter and good times.

Grateful farewell

As we say goodbye to the wild ride of 2023, BlueGrid is standing at an exciting crossroads of what we’ve done and what’s next. This past year was like a symphony of growth, teamwork, and wins, with each part setting the beat for our story.

We’ve welcomed new talent, cheered on our team’s growth, built some solid partnerships, and jumped into community action – every bit of it pushing us toward greatness.

Milestones hit, events rocked, and friendships made.
To sum up – looking ahead, 2024 is waiting for moves of innovation, cooperation, and mutual success.
Lastly, from all of us at BlueGrid, here’s to another year of growth, prosperity, and meaningful connections. We wish you a happy New Year and a future full of endless possibilities!

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