Client Success Story with Nathan Moore

It is always a pleasure to speak with someone passionate about their business and about creating value for the world. Our partners from Krypton Labs showed us that dedicated work combined with purpose can create new opportunities in the world of finance.

Inspired by their story we dived into the world of crypto, decentralized finance (DeFi), and building a startup in a chat with Krypton co-founder Nathan Moore. Nathan shared his enormous knowledge and enthusiasm with some useful information about DeFi and the journey of building Krypton. But maybe most importantly, you will learn how Krypton built the world’s first decentralized exchange that provides a space for traders who just want the trade they want at a cost that makes sense.

Have you noticed that their logo is a porcupine? There’s a reason for that: Krypton creates a protected space for traders who want to achieve the best trade execution available. Porcupines aren’t predatory, but they are not to be messed with. Learn more at!

Isidora Nikolić

Isidora Nikolić

I am a dedicated communication and brand enthusiast whose mission is to invigorate the culture and teamwork dynamics at through in-depth interviews. My emphasis extends to showcasing client success stories, fostering interactions with esteemed industry professionals, and uncovering their valuable insights.

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