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We are an IT consulting firm for enterprises in cybersecurity, cloud, and fintech industries

Our Clients are talking about, is an internationally world-renowned trusted partner in the software development, engineering, and support industry.

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“Krypton is very pleased to get to work with a large number of incredible high quality partners. BlueGrid is one of the most important, one of the key ones because they’ve done such a wonderful job- helping us put together the best team for our product.”

Nathan Moore



“We’ve been working with BlueGrid for many years now. We are very fortunate that we’ve had a good partnership, servicing tech and support teams, so we can keep growing business.”

Mike Flynn

Co-founder & CTO

Recorded Future

“BlueGrid provides us tremendous value. We couldn’t be happier with their output and individual talent.”

Byron King

Engineering Manager

My Accident

“Bluegrid has been an amazing company to work with. They are flexible and able to adapt to the ever-changing requirements of startups.”

Samuel Wattles


Security Trails

“I am extremely satisfied with the service that Bluegrid is providing me and I will recommend their services to everyone I know.”

Fred Madarshahian

VP Operations

Recorded Future

“Contractors are great engineering teammates, and BlueGrid management team is engaged and very responsive when we need support.”

Matt Kodama

VP Data Science


“Attentive to problems we have, goodwill to help with issues we raise, nice people.”

Gabi Dvir

VP Infrastructure and Security


“I think about BlueGrid as a partner, they have their clients' interest as a top priority. Our product requires a very specific skill set and BlueGrid has been very focused on ensuring that they bring us the best team members to fit that role. That strengthens the team and our relationship with BlueGrid. “

James Braswell

Senior Customer Success Manager

Core Idea

“ Make a difference! Use our years of experience in the information industry and business development to create tools for companies to grow sustainably. This idea grew into our new mission to speed up the arrival of the better future. “

Ivan Dabić

Chief Executive Officer

Companies we work with

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