Reblaze and BlueGrid

About Reblaze

Looking at the past couple of years, it is evident that the new way to go is digital. As futuristic as it may sound, everyday things that we used to do or rely on in the analog world see a digital counterpart come up. Moreover, the rise of AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning), and IoT (internet-of-things) made the transition to digital that much faster. Once just experimental ideas, this new tech made its way into our households and became part of our every day.

The downside of this transition is that we also see a massive increase in cybersecurity threats. There’s a considerable number of malicious actors on the scene trying to exploit the system for personal gain or to harm others in one way or the other. And with the number of channels, applications, and technologies that we use to communicate to each other and share data increasing daily, it’s never been as crucial as now to keep your digital business secure.

Enter Reblaze’s security team and platform. The Reblaze team leadership comes with decades of hands-on experience in the digital security sector. Reblaze knows all too well how vulnerable the internet of today is and how little businesses (and individuals) truly know about security.

Going by the promise that security should be made default and that doing so shouldn’t be complicated, they’ve built the Reblaze security platform. The platform is a central hub to keep your digital business secure, manage access and traffic, and get real-time alerts about potential weak spots.

By combining Web Application Firewall, real-time DDoS protection, Bot mitigation, Traffic Control, and API security, they’ve created a formidable security solution that scales up with your business and infrastructure.

About BlueGrid

BlueGrid was already working with another security platform when the Reblaze founder reached out. One advantage BlueGrid has against other companies in the market is hands-on experience with cybersecurity, understanding the challenges, and what is at stake.

The BlueGrid team can source the right tech talent through a rigorous screening and security background check process for each candidate. So BlueGrid was the right partner to assist Reblaze with growing their operation into a 24/7 model.

At the same time, BlueGrid’s Culture of taking ownership, learning, and having fun create an environment of growth opportunities and support while retaining top talent.

And conveniently located in Belgrade, Serbia means its teams can cover multiple time zones with ease.

No time for staffing like now

The first item on the to-do list for Reblaze and BlueGrid was sourcing, staffing, and training the right people for the SOC (Security Operations Center) team.

With a constantly expanding user-base and product portfolio, doing this in a well-coordinated fashion was paramount. Therefore, BlueGrid focused on attracting talent who already had experience in the field and wanted to learn more while expanding their skillset.

Tapping back into the BlueGrid’s network, the first SOC engineers have been with the team in a matter of weeks, going through the training processes and communicating with Reblaze’s customers. The quick turn-around time with this process made it possible for the Reblaze team to focus on other product priorities while having a reliable team to help with 24/7 support. And the customers also felt the benefit of having a more “hands-on deck” to help speed up the support process.

BlueGrid and Reblaze Today

The rapid growth of the SOC team opened up more opportunities for Reblaze to expand its operation with BlueGrid. 

Since Belgrade’s SOC team creation, numerous people have joined it to follow Reblaze’s rapid growth. At the same time, we’re expanding our partnership through several other teams that will help Reblaze stay on track with their business and tech goals while making sure the right people fully support their customers and infrastructure at the right time.


BlueGrid’s added value to Reblaze:

  • Understanding technical and business challenges specific to cybersecurity
  • Quickly sourcing talent with a solid knowledge of cybersecurity, excellent communication skills (and strong English).
  • Providing the right work environment that supports quick onboarding, fast results production, and team growth.
  • Supporting back-office processes through Legal and Payroll support.
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