Process Maker and BlueGrid

About ProcessMaker

Workflow management, process building, and automation – these are segments where the ProcessMaker team is excelling. We’re at a point where automation and process simplification aren’t just ideas on the paper anymore. Instead, they are a necessity for any business to stay productive and run smoothly.

Today’s market offers an abundance of apps, services, and platforms aimed at making our day-to-day process easier. From various email clients and CRM platforms to project management tools, documentation processing apps, payment gateways… and as any business grows, so does its tech stack. But, unfortunately, there’s a certain point where managing all the apps your company uses becomes a burden itself. And their use becomes counter-productive as they create the same problem they should’ve solved in the first place. Enter ProcessMaker.

Early on, the team at ProcessMaker identified this challenge and started working on a platform to bring all the apps you might use under one hub. We might say one hub to rule them all. So how does it work?

The first challenge to be tackled is mapping up your processes. What problem are you looking to solve? What steps make up the process? Any process junctions (IF/ELSE) you need to consider? What is the end result? What are the deliverables of the process? Answers to all these questions are easily mapped through their low-code BPM workflow manager and process modeler.

Once you’ve mapped out what the workflow should look like, you start integrating the necessary apps into it. There are several options for achieving that, depending on your use case and anticipated app usage. Once all the workflows are in and apps connected, you can simulate how the workflow will behave before production.

You have intuitive reporting metrics and alerts available to you from the control panel at any given time. For example, tracking the number of active automation, their status, and usage numbers is done from a single place.

And with several pre-built workflows and automation for various industries and use cases, getting started with the ProcessMaker platform is a frictionless process.

About BlueGrid & ProcessMaker

BlueGrid‘s team already had experience with the standing-up infrastructure needed for this type of platform. And there has been a previous relationship with ProcessMaker decision-makers from past projects who were aware of the service quality BlueGrid’s team can and will deliver.

The first challenge to be tackled was setting up an experienced DevOps team to supplement ProcessMaker’s “Follow the sun” vision of 24/7 coverage. Since we’re talking about a platform that supports the core processes behind many Fortune 500 companies, it was clear that staffing needed to be quick and efficient. And needless to say, with the right talent, that will answer the challenges ahead.

Staff quick, staff quality

A key factor here was how BlueGrid handles building its talent pool through various social events, knowledge share workshops, and having its tech recruiters be active community members.

This approach helps BlueGrid have a good insight into the active talent pool available on the market, be in touch with relevant prospects, and build relationships. And also, shorten the hiring process, as there’s always full transparency with all of our team members about the project they’ll work on, requirements, competencies needed, and what an expected career path looks like.

BlueGrid and ProcessMaker Today

Understanding short-and-long-term business goals and tapping into the right talent helped quickly stand up the DevOps team and get them integrated into the ProcessMaker ecosystem.

With the platform’s growth, the cooperation expanded into more teams than just the DevOps one, working on the platform’s core tasks and deliverables.


BlueGrid’s added value to Process Maker:

  • Understanding technical and business challenges specific to cybersecurity
  • Quickly sourcing DevOps talent with the right (AWS) certification and previous experience managing similar clusters as ProcessMaker employes
  • Providing the right work environment for swift onboarding, fast results production, and continuous team growth.
  • Supporting back-office processes through Legal and Payroll support.
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