Macrometa and BlueGrid

About Macrometa

Macrometa is a globally distributed Edge computing platform that puts the “real-time” into managing and processing real-time data. The proprietary serverless architecture and globally distributed, low-latency server network mean it was never easier to deploy real-time applications and APIs.

Specifically, building and deploying apps on the traditional cloud means you need to simultaneously manage several tools, like K8s, Kafka, Spark… Not only does this add to the management (and cost!) overhead, it also adds more points of failure. With Macrometa, all the tools needed to successfully deploy and manage real-time apps and APIs are built into a single, API-driven platform.

BlueGrid & Macrometa

With a growing number of customers and complex use-cases hitting the platform, Macrometa’s Executive team needed to stand up a 24/7 CloudOps Support team while finding a reliable partner to do so.

BlueGrid was referred to Macrometa for servicing high-caliber tech teams for several successful North American tech companies. Some of those companies deliver different products and solutions in the Edge compute space.

This made Macrometa’s business goals even more familiar. And a deep understanding of the challenges to support customers on an Edge computing platform helped in sourcing the right people quickly.

Connecting talent & expertise

Knowing Macrometa’s architecture and current support challenges helped the two leadership teams quickly map out a growth plan for the new team.

The next step was sourcing suitable candidates. People with a solid technical and support background feel comfortable using the latest advancements in the Edge Computing space. But also mindful of what it means to deliver bespoke support & customer experience with every interaction.

Macrometa also looked at BlueGrid to help set up a 24/7 rotation schedule, have proper coverage, and keep a healthy work-life balance for the team. To stay on track and support Macrometa’s growth, suitable candidates needed to be sourced as quickly as possible.

Launching the team

BlueGrid’s sourcing and screening process meant that the suitable candidates have been filtered up thoroughly for servicing the Macrometa. And after a very swift and efficient round of sourcing and interviewing, the first team members have joined us.


BlueGrid’s added value to Macrometa:

  • Understanding high-level business goals as well as technical challenges to align talent with business & tech needs.
  • Leveraging BlueGrid’s previous experience in building Support teams to create a schedule with the proper coverage and work-life balance.
  • Short-listing and staffing members through frictionless interviewing and onboarding processes.
  • Creating the right work environment for launching a new team; setting up a training cadence for the latest team members to have swift platform adoption.
  • Organizing learning opportunities through workshops and courses.
  • Supporting back-office processes through Legal and Payroll support.
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