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#InsidePeople with Sara Jelen

Lights, camera, action! It's time for you to meet Sara Jelen - Cybersecurity Content Marketing Specialist.

Sara has been a content writer and content marketer for the past 5 years, and working in the cybersecurity space for 4. While not having technical experience, her social science background in Anthropology and affinity for the hacker counterculture have piqued her interest in cybersecurity. Since writing her first article on DNS, cybersecurity remains the industry in which she decided to grow and develop skills. In the “People, Process, Technology”, Sara focuses on the “People” and incorporates a human-centric perspective to explore cybersecurity topics and the movers and shakers behind it.

Writing different types of content across various channels, Sara always falls back to content that is there to educate and entertain. Whether it be a long-form blog post, social media copy, well-loved interview series with industry experts, press releases, or the newest paid marketing campaign, she is always guided by the thought that “Content is king”.

In her free time, Sara studies cynology trains agility with her dogs and fills her creative tank by reading Stoic philosophy, moonlighting as a stylist, and being an enthusiast about anything that interests her. For now, it’s craft beer, skin and hair care, and punch needle embroidery.

Prepare your favorite drink, click on the play button and enjoy Sarah's interview! :)