You are a creator of a whole new universe | Interview with Milos Bolic

We are sure that at the beginning of your career many of you went through the whole process of finding yourself. Wandering, and questioning everything that you do. This is a completely normal process and because of that, you got to become the successful person you are today.

Our dear colleague Milos Bolic shared his career path with us and why it is important that even when you do not know what you are striving for, you have someone who believes in you and gives you the motivation to continue moving forward. He told us how teamwork is of great importance to him and what are the things that he loves the most when it comes to being a BlueGrider. If we had to describe this interview with one word we would choose the word - inspirational. Without further ado, take a look at what Milos has to say, we are sure that you will find yourself in many of his sentences.

How did you start your journey as a developer?

Milos: I remember that my first contact with programming was in middle school. But that was a really poor experience and I hated it because it was presented to me in a really bad way. It all looked to me like a set of weird commands that you have to memorize and combine. Therefore, I never thought I would become a developer one day. Later, in college, I got in touch with programming courses again. I disliked the idea but I had a good feeling about it. At first, it was all extremely hard and unlogical and I moved very slowly. I had a colleague (now a friend) that was always pushing me forward, he was very skilled and had a lot of experience! He always believed in me. One day, after a lot of hard work something just clicked in my head, literally. And afterward, all pieces came together. After that, I started learning and moving very fast and was able to work on my first real project in a couple of months after that. It was such a great feeling! My first achievement after a lot of hard work. :)

What is your favorite thing about your job?

Milos: The interesting thing about programming, in general, is that you are a creator of a whole new universe. You define entities, rules, physics, looks, everything. You are also an architect! That gave me a special feeling, the one that artists have. For the last few years, I have been working as a prototyper. I like to describe that as converting someone's ideas into something visible and tangible. It is a great feeling that both sides can feel, the owner of the idea and me. The owner is happy when he finally sees his ideas, which makes him able to build and extend the idea. Therefore, I feel that sort of happiness all the time and I enjoy it.

Can you describe a situation in which you and your team managed to solve an important task together? How did that make you feel?

In programming, but I think in general too a silly mistake can be made very easily (read: error), no matter how skilled someone is. And somehow it is always complicated to debug. When someone is developing a certain functionality and spends days looking into it, at first he has the whole thing working in his head. The developer thinks the code he just wrote works exactly like the stuff in his head :) So when the problem appears the developer is usually very tired of looking into that piece of code, and it's not logical to him that the code is not working. I used to spend 2-3 hours looking at the code, without being able to realize the problem. In that case, there is a very good method: rubber duck debugging! But instead of a rubber duck, I like to have a colleague help me out. I just simply start to explain the code to him and in like 2 minutes I realize the problem. If I don't realize it by myself, usually a colleague gets it! This method always brought me great results!

Name 3 things you like the most in your role

  • People
  • Flexibility
  • Availability

Is there a tip that you would give to junior developers?

Reading > watching. If you are willing to learn something, get a good book. A book brings a lot more details, you will get just enough info before you start working on something and you will be able to fully understand it and customize it if needed. Books will make you a professional. And one more tip - RTFM! :D

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