No challenge is impossible when you are a part of an amazing team | Interview with Dusan Vucetic

Being a team leader is responsible, challenging but above all an inspiring position. When you clearly understand that your participation in team development and business is extremely important, there is an opportunity for your team to grow and evolve. It also allows each team leader to learn new things from experience.

Dusan Vucetic – SOC/NOC Team Leader shared his experience with us, challenges, and great situations that certainly make his day at BlueGrid always interesting and challenging.

Can you describe to us what is that you do?

Dusan: I’m a technical team lead for NOC/SOC and newly formed T1 cybersecurity support teams. I know it’s a mouthful, it’s far less complicated in reality.

What are some of the challenges that you face as a team leader, and how do you manage to overcome them?

Dusan: Managing the 365/24/7 support teams comes with a lot of specific challenges. If you take into account that we are working remotely, creating and maintaining great team synergy is very challenging.

Also making sure that every relevant piece of information reaches every team member requires outstanding communication. That being said, no challenge is impossible when you are a part of an amazing team like mine.

How would you describe your experience when it comes to working in BlueGrid?

Dusan: Loving every minute of it so far!

I feel valued and important. A super friendly atmosphere and a perfect combination of playfulness and professionalism are a perfect fit for me. I really can picture myself sticking around for a long time 🙂

You are in a situation where you have to recommend BlueGrid to someone. What would you tell to that person?

Dusan: Answering this question is super easy since I experienced this exact situation a few weeks ago.

Our team is in a process of expanding and we were motivated to provide recommendations for the open roles. I’m beyond delighted to be able to connect 2 of my best friends and ex-teammates with BlueGrid and by doing so create a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

I’ve just presented the real situation. Great work conditions in a stable and perspective company. Who wouldn’t consider that? 🙂

Do you remember a certain funny moment or a moment that meant a lot to you that you experienced as a team leader?

Dusan: The following is not exactly a moment but the people at BlueGrid I was fortunate enough to meet are incredibly engaging and warm. It means a lot when you are able to talk about and discuss any random subject.

The feedback culture is strongly valued and for a team lead, few things in life feel more satisfying than receiving exceptional team feedback!

There is an argument to be made that the majority of moments during casual weekly sync meetings can be classified as funny/entertaining. That’s the topic for another time though, we will keep this one as professional as possible 🙂

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