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Set your priorities by using the Ivy Lee method

Making a list of priorities can help you, and you can make one by using the Ivy Lee method. Every day you try your best to manage your tasks. When it comes to working in a team you are also trying to be there for your teammates and help them as well.

But sometimes during the day, everyone starts feeling like they are burning out. There are many reasons why you can feel like you are burning out, such as bad organization, too many distractions while you are working remotely, and so on.

Ivy Lee was an American publicity expert and is best known for being a pioneer in modern public relations. By using his method you can help yourself to easily manage your daily tasks.

How to prioritize with the Ivy Lee method?

As mentioned while you are working from home you might get distracted easily which is not something to feel bad about. At the beginning of last year, many of us had to learn how to work remotely and this is where making a list of priorities can come in handy.

Luckily this is a simple method to master by following these steps:

  • When you finish your workday write down the 6 things you want to achieve tomorrow
  • Make a list of the six items and rank them in order of priority
  • When you start working tomorrow focus only on the first task from your list 
  • Before you move on to the next one make sure that your first task is finished
  • Carry on with the rest of your list in the same manner.
  • Move any unfinished things to a new list of six tasks for the following day
  • Repeat this method each working day

Benefits of the Ivy Lee method

The main benefit of the Ivy Lee method is its simplicity. This method teaches you discipline by making you stay on track with your tasks. Also, you decide what are important things in your schedule, and by doing that you have a clear picture of your priorities. This way you are avoiding the feeling that you are forgetting something and it helps you stay focused on your work.

The most important part is that when you finish your task you can check it off your list. While you are continuing to the next one you will be satisfied with your persistence. This will also motivate you to continue with the rest of your tasks and to achieve your goal for the day.


Teamwork can sometimes be challenging, especially now when you are not in the same room with your teammates. If you are feeling like you need help with your tasks always remember that you can ask for it. In the end, together you share the same goal. And that is to deliver your tasks on time.

To avoid the feeling of burning out share this method with your colleagues, give it a try, and share your experience. 🙂

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