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5 Ways to Stay Focused When You are Working from Home

A work-from-home lifestyle/work-style is an attractive option. You can define your own working hours, dress how you want (or don’t… 😁), and work so that you maximise your time. But, can you really stay focused?

We have proved that work from home or other forms of remote work can save us from headaches like daily commutes where we can surely enjoy some along time while still be at work. However, even though it sounds just peachy, it actually isn’t always and it can be rather challenging when it comes to productiveness and performance.

Even though they say, if you need to micromanage your employees, you are doing something wrong. Still, with remote work people tend to get off course with management not being along side of them.

So, here are 5 ways to stay focused and productive when you work from home – and still enjoy the perks that come with it!

1.Stick to a schedule

The beauty of working at home is that you have the freedom to control when you work. However, we all have times when we are most productive and creative during the day and times we struggle to type even one more word or make one more call. Identify your best hours and work them consistently.

If you prefer to go with the flow, there’s no need to over-schedule yourself — but have an idea of what you want to accomplish each day to make sure you stay on task.

2.Have a dedicated workspace

In most cases, working remotely allows you to work where you like. And while this freedom is typically one of the benefits of a flexible job, setting up a home office is still highly recommended.

If your work-from-home arrangements are temporary and a full-on office isn’t realistic, try to create a dedicated workspace that allows you to focus. You can still move around, but choose a space in your home that will house your technology, files, tools, and other work stuff that you can access quickly and easily.

3.Take breaks

Grinding out work at all hours of the day and night isn’t healthy. We need to step away from our screens and refresh our minds to get re-energized in our work. Every hour steps away from your desk or work area for a quick break.

Also, taking an exercise break provides a brain boost. Instead of reaching for a cup of coffee, a workout can get those endorphins flowing and deliver a natural burst of energy.

4. Stay off social media

When working as a newspaper printer you’d get distracted by all the comics, interesting posts, news, etc. It’s the same with any other form of work where you have direct access to material which is designed to get your attention. This is especially the case with IT industry and related industries. Involuntary reaction is to focus on the distraction. You are working in a digital space where social networks rule – it is very easy to get off course unless you adopt a technique to stay focused.

To start with, turn off social media notifications and even your instant message notifications when you really need to zone in on your work. You’ll avoid ripping your own focus away from the task at hand. Then, you may want to install apps that would control your social media engagement – unless engagement on social media is your actual work 😂.

5.Set boundaries

As there are no boundaries between you and your fridge, your family, kitchen, tv… it is important for you to define these boundaries as otherwise the productivity will, most definitely suffer. Your friends and family need to know your schedule so you don’t conflict between work and personal time.

You are available when you’re available whether you’re in the office or not. Remember you have to train people how to treat you and your work time.


You’ll get distracted from time to time, and that is fine. Go easy on yourself. Being focused while working from home/remote is a challenge, but with a little discipline, you can manage it like a boss!

Don’t forget that in a remote setting, where in-person interactions are less common, it is easier to experience WFH burnout.

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