BlueGridders at Home

Though bleak these woods, and damp the ground
With fallen leaves so thickly strown,
And cold the wind that wanders round
With wild and melancholy moan; 
There is a friendly roof, I know,
Might shield me from the wintry blast;
There is a fire, whose ruddy glow
Will cheer me for my wanderings past

– Lines Written From Home – Poem by Anne Brontë

These days we are seeing a whole new shape of our homes, we are participating in a social-like reshaping of the world and for us, it starts at home. Our work life has moved to live in our personal life. Our living room corner has become a “home office”. We don’t eat at the kitchen table but next to a desktop computer 🙂 It is a fun change and here is how our BlueGridders are adjusting to working from home 😁

Even though we strongly believe that while building this team we have created the best version possible of our company culture, the COVID-19 will surely leave the mark in our work-life balance. Hopefully for better. We are going to take the best of what we have and use it for our growth. #staysafe!

P.S. Send us your office at home and we’ll write about your experience 🙂

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