How Does OpenAi’s ChatGPT Work? – Part II

Probably one of the biggest problems with using Ai technology is how to create a command that will bring the expected result. Writing prompts is extremely important not only to get what you’re really looking for but to get away from the competition and escape the generic answers that everyone gets. Shortly – the better you are at writing commands, the more you will benefit from AI technology.

ChatGPT – How to write an effective prompt?

Before each new command, write “Forget everything we’ve talked about.” ChatGPT connects questions, so there is a high possibility that the previous conversation will affect what you get through the prompt. If you say this before the prompt is entered, you will (in some way) reset the algorithm.

Let’s say we need ChatGPT to write a caption for an Instagram ad about a course “How to use ChatGPT in business?”. The best way to start our prompt is with… “I want you to act as a copywriter.” Following the same approach you will build any other command depending on the goal and needs (“I want you to act as a personal trainer / as an advisor / as an IT specialist” and more). Simply determine the professional that you need.

The next sentence you will use is “I will give you...” In this section, you will point out exactly what you offer of information that the ChatGPT can use to generate responses. In this case, we need a copy for the Instagram ad, so the prompt can be: “I will give you the product, the description of the product, and the buyer persona’’

The next part of the prompt (a very important one) should begin with…

 “You will…” 

This way, it is determined what the purpose of this text is, as well as what the expectations are. In our example, it would be like this: “You are going to write a title, product slogan, and product description no longer than 2 sentences. The slogan should be easy to remember, and the description should be interesting and casual.” In this section, you should pay special attention to being as specific as possible.

In the next section, add what you promised at the beginning that you will provide. In our case, these are the product, the product description, and the buyer persona. Let’s say something like this: “Product: A video course that covers how ChatGPT3 technology works and how we can use it in everyday work. The ideal buyer: Small business owners, from 25 to 35 years old.”

Here you go, you got yourself a great ad copy!

Disadvantages of ChatGPT

So far, we’ve mostly talked about the benefits of this technology. The truth is a little different. ChatGPT is pretty limited in its current prototype. This isn’t even the first chatbot that has ever been invented. The first Chatbot based on artificial intelligence was created back in the 1960s (it was named ELIZA).

Of course, this does not exclude the fact that ChatGPT is the most developed prototype of its kind ever, but it still cannot be taken as something game-changing.

Although extremely useful, these are some of the limitations that this robot is currently facing.

1. Wrong answers

Despite the fact that OpenAi points out answering questions as an advantage, in practice, it is a little bit of a different situation. ChatGPT3 is not always right with its answers. What’s ironic about the whole situation is that ChatGPT presents each of its responses with complete ‘’confidence’’ and self-assurance. We believe that in the near future, OpenAi will work on this problem, but until then Google is still a better option if you want to be 100% sure of the quality of the answers.

2. Full capacity

If you are trying to log on to the ChatGPT server these days, it is very likely that you will find a notification that you cannot access the page. There are two reasons why the server is overloaded. Firstly, a huge amount of people in a very short time started using this Ai tool in everyday life. And secondly, there are a lot of extensions and external software that use the ChatGPT3 algorithm as the basis. These are also the biggest “consumers” when it comes to this platform. You can even experience that some of those extensions sometimes work even if ChatGPT is down.

3. Limited database

At first glance, the database seems huge, but compared to platforms such as Google – it’s very small. The reason for this is that ChatGPT cannot connect to the internet and browse. All the answers generated by this platform are based on data that the chatbot used for training. If you want to ask the chatbot something that is currently happening, something that happened in the near past, or will happen soon it will not be able to answer.

4. Creates plagiarism

Keep in mind that any text generated by ChatGPT is created with prior knowledge from its database. If you run a plagiarism test, you will see that most of the final products generated by this AI sometimes have more than 98% plagiarism. If you want to use ChatGPT for blog writing, be sure that your website will rank poorly. Google has been against artificial intelligence content for many years, and ChatGPT3 isn’t even the first to bring something like that to the public ( has been around since 2020, and it’s doing the same thing).

5. Can’t be used as a Search Engine

A lot of people compare ChatGPT to Google. Both platforms work in two completely different ways. This builds on the limited database we have already mentioned.

Although powerful, this prototype can still serve exclusively as an assistant, not a substitute.

Will ChatGPT replace people?

We talked about the advantages of this technology, as well as the disadvantages. However, one question will surely revolve around this topic for some time…

Can ChatGPT replace humans?

On September 1st, 2000, Nokia launched the legendary 3310, one of the most popular models in the history of modern telephony. In a very short period of time, this has become one of the best-selling phones.

However, just two years later, the 3410 was released. Why did this happen if the 3310 was so popular? The answer is probably already clear to you – because technology, as well as competition, has been involved.

Despite the fact it is still sold and used today, the Nokia 3310 has slowly begun to lose its popularity after 5 years. But we can’t say that phone was bad, right? It just means that technology has had to keep advancing.

One of the last Nokia phones is the Nokia X30. It is very unlikely to sell in the quantity in which the 3310 was sold, but it is an important step in the company’s advancement.

The same principle applies to every other business. Technology is changing, people are changing, and needs are changing. If you want to be the best in your business, it is necessary to follow all the new trends and changes, and immediately adapt to them.

People will not be replaced by AI. They will be replaced by people who use Ai to their advantage.

If you did not read the first part of our ChatGPT blog you can find it here, there you will learn how can you use ChatGPT, how does ChatGPT really work, can ChatGPT replace Google, and How can you use ChatGPT in everyday life.

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