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#ClientSuccessStory with James Braswell

Have you ever managed to build and run a real-time application?

Our partners from Macrometa embraced new technologies and working practices to deliver the best user experience- building and running applications all over the world with a single copy of data.

Their strong commitment to making a useful solution that can help the community in many ways became a powerful driving force in delivering specific value for a bunch of different industries.

That inspired us to have a chat with Senior Customer Success Manager James Braswell. 

Through this interview, James shared some inspiring facts and information about DNS & Edge technology. He also talked about his experience with BlueGrid, and about a really strong relationship that we built together by finding the right people for the team with excellent tech and business minds. With that kind of collaboration, we managed to straighten their team and make a real bond.

You will find out why working on this product is dynamic and how their solution can help companies to improve the load latency of the applications.

This talk is a breath of fresh air of customer success stories right from the edge computing industry. 

Working closely with our partners from Macrometa we learned how resilience, innovation, and adaptability can make a big impact in the space of Edge computing.