The 1% Difference: Commitment to Shape Bright Futures for Young Minds

It’s always a pleasure to sit down and have a talk with our partners but when it comes to Foundation 1% it’s always a bit more than that, at least 1% more.

Miloš Pešić started this foundation 5 years ago, with a higher vision of doing something more for the community and for those who need a helping hand. That helping hand included other hands – hands that hold the future of Serbia. The hands of the youngest among us – kids.
Foundation 1% is not just a charitable organization; it’s a beacon of hope for the young minds of Serbia. Miloš believes that even a small percentage can make a significant impact on shaping a brighter future and that’s how he came up with a 1% idea. The name itself carries a powerful message – a commitment to investing 1% in the intellectual growth and education of the nation’s children will make us better tomorrow.

After two years of working together, we’re still committed to dedicating that 1% because we believe it can make a difference. When we think better of it, this interview is exactly that – a small contribution we make in the hope of inspiring you and spreading the word about it, so that this great idea can produce more.

In the end, all we can suggest to you now is to take a little less than 1% of your time to watch this amazing interview as we are sure that you’ll enjoy it!

Isidora Nikolić

Isidora Nikolić

I am a dedicated communication and brand enthusiast whose mission is to invigorate the culture and teamwork dynamics at through in-depth interviews. My emphasis extends to showcasing client success stories, fostering interactions with esteemed industry professionals, and uncovering their valuable insights.

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