Inside people interview with Miroslava Mitić

IT industry recruitment demands strong communication skills, tech trend awareness, and effective candidate assessment.

With all this being said, at the beginning, it is an exciting and adventurous road to walk.
Therefore we need someone well-experienced in this field to lead us through it. 

From her early career to her move into IT and joining BlueGrid, we condensed her senior-level experience into an insightful interview.
Regardless of her initial field of study, Miroslava was attracted to recruiting by industry demands and opportunities. She recognized that her skills could be effectively utilized in this field, especially her strengths in communication, active learning, patience, and presentation skills. Therefore, this interview offers valuable insights for those interested in recruiting.

P.S. Her daily routine wouldn’t be the same without her trusty companion and friend, coffee. So, grab your cup and enjoy our latest #InsidePeople interview with Miroslava Mitić.

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Isidora Nikolić

Isidora Nikolić

I am a dedicated communication and brand enthusiast whose mission is to invigorate the culture and teamwork dynamics at through in-depth interviews. My emphasis extends to showcasing client success stories, fostering interactions with esteemed industry professionals, and uncovering their valuable insights.

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