Inside people interview with Stefan Stojanović

A short coffee break is a must and Stefan is always up for one! ☕

Either it might seem that you can’t take much during a short coffee break, we actually made a new interview with Stefan during one!

Stefan works as a Cloud Architect for more than 2 years at BlueGrid. 

During this conversation, we talked about the dynamics of the industry, and key technologies he uses in his work. We also discussed some challenges encountered.

For those looking to become Cloud Architects, this chat can be useful. We delved into Stefan’s extensive experience, talking about his role, and responsibilities. He also described how he focuses on enhancing development processes and ensuring their security.

With all this being said, there is nothing left for us then to recommend this great interview to you and to enjoy it. 🚀

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Isidora Nikolić

Isidora Nikolić

I am a dedicated communication and brand enthusiast whose mission is to invigorate the culture and teamwork dynamics at through in-depth interviews. My emphasis extends to showcasing client success stories, fostering interactions with esteemed industry professionals, and uncovering their valuable insights.

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