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Client Success Story with Recharge’s Co-founder and CTO Michael Flynn about their huge impact in the world of subscriptions.

Have you ever thought about how to improve the e-commerce user experience?
Billing subscriptions might be one of the key ones, so let’s give it a little bit of context.

Our partners from ReCharge spent years working hard to deliver value to all e-commerce businesses and shoppers. On that road, with the business and users in mind, ReCharge tends to transform one-time purchasers into dedicated, returning customers. Focusing on innovation, ReCharge strives to simplify the process for shoppers to subscribe. Therefore, shoppers can repeat purchases, explore new products, and efficiently handle their accounts.

Over nearly five years of working alongside this open-minded and passionate team, we have acquired a significant understanding of the crucial importance of trust and loyalty in all business areas.

More about our partnership

In a nutshell, Mike shared in this interview how ReCharge helped merchants to scale subscription revenue. Likewise, he shared details about the complexity of that process and what makes him the proudest about working there.

Also, he talked about his firsthand encounter with BlueGrid and highlighted the remarkable bond we forged by assisting them in building and nurturing teams, focusing on the right technical and supportive business minds.

This talk about the future of e-commerce uncovers the exciting possibilities and innovations that lie ahead. Let’s explore and discover what awaits in this ever-evolving landscape.

BlueGrid - Client Success Story - ReCharge

Isidora Nikolić

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