Cybersecurity Research Platform

This is a robust security platform that aims at providing a comprehensive toolset necessary for any security professional or security-minded company.

The offering ranges from a historical list of DNS and IP record changes to analytics tools.

Diving deeper into the individual products that make up this product suite first up is its API. As mentioned, this platform houses and generates a huge amount of data relating to DNS, IP addresses, Domains… all of which are used to paint a historical landscape of the internet. This data is invaluable to security experts and the easiest way for them to get access to those data feeds and even plug them into their own tools is using the API.

Cybersecurity Research Platform Graph

And if you want to have access to that same data but through a robust and feature-rich control panel, then there’s the feed as well.

One of its features is a comprehensive scanning tool that lets you easily look up any public-facing assets and quickly assess what your exposure to an attack might be. Key features include automated scanning, reverse DNS and IP lookups, associated domain alerts, etc.

Another interesting feature allows you to quickly see which of your assets might be open to attack, track changes in your infrastructure, and get real-time alerts about possible security concerns that might be coming your way.

Best of all, with this platform, you get a 360-degree view of the digital landscape your business lives in! Also, you are able to see if there are any weak points in your armor that need your attention.

Some of the technologies powering this platform are:

  • Google Cloud Platform, Azure, AWS
  • Kubernetes & Docker
  • Elixir, Scala, Spark
  • Kafka
  • Python
  • SQL & NoSQL databases
  • React.js
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