COVID-19 Pandemic

We at and joined brands have sent everyone to #workfromhome at the beginning of March and started an aggressive communication strategy to keep the feeling of unity even when divided like this. We have weekly and daily meetings communicating the latest updates between teams and management. For now, we are still working from home, monitoring situations with a number of new cases of COVID-19 Pandemic, and listening to medical experts on proposed behavior.

Our strategy in understanding the situation begins with a philosophical approach to unknown – we expect the worst from it thus, prepare for the worst and act accordingly. There are many publicly shared opinions with potentially dangerous effects on the health of the people. We are strong advocates of responsibility towards ourselves and others, and we’ll continue with the same treatment of the pandemic to ensure the health and well being of our employees, friends, and families.

In the meantime, our team continues with daily, weekly, and monthly meetings to try and assert our company values, strengthen the team’s unity and cooperation between people under our brands. Additionally, we’ll be posting educational posts on our internal channels of communication with employees to keep the relevant information about our health circulates the community.

We’ll be posting educational posts to promote the awareness for COVID-19 Pandemic and remind everyone to be safe.