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30-day cap challenge!

Inspired by the great work of "Cep za hendikep" last month we decided to have a 30-day cap challenge. “Cep za Hendikep” Foundation is a civic initiative created by people with disabilities in order to improve their position. It was created as a response to their unfavorable position in Serbia, as replacement of orthopedic aids takes an abnormal amount of time. Everyone can collect and donate bottle caps to the foundation which they then recycle and use the resources to buy orthopedic aids for many people with disabilities in Serbia.

BlueGriders collecting bottle caps

We collect the caps on monthly basis and bring them to the foundation, and with that, work on social awareness, both towards the environment and people with disabilities. Ever since the pandemic started we haven't got the chance to gather in the office as a team. And what better way to bring people together than for a good cause? So at the beginning of June, it was official. Let the 30-day cap challenge begin!

Exactly 30 days later we came to the office, brought all the caps that we collected during those thirty days, and finally saw each other. Some people even meet and saw each other for the first time. That was real proof that it does not matter if you are working remotely or from the office. When one team has a great connection everything is possible. We enjoyed some cake and had a great time. This occasion made us remember that together as a team we can always do so much more, and it showed us that when people have a mutual goal they will always find a way to turn that goal into reality.

Reminder to all of us..

Let this be a reminder to all of us - every day is a new opportunity for a good deed. The month of July is also known as Plastic-free July. We are aware that we use plastic daily, in our home, when shopping for groceries, etc. But you always have a choice and you can try to avoid using and buying plastics. Because of that, try to change your habits and avoid using plastic packaging. Choose reusable bags instead of plastic ones. Nevertheless, if you find yourself with a plastic bottle of any kind remember to save that bottle cap and take it to one of the places that collect bottle caps.

Always remember that great things take time. But together, step by step we can all make a difference. Thank you "Cep za hendikep" for inspiring so many people with your wonderful purpose. We promise that we will always try to contribute as much as we can. :)