Cooking Up Success: From Culinary to Tech Support

It might seem not easy, but switching your career is possible. Ljubiša’s story proves this. Starting as a professional chef, Ljubiša’s path took a surprising turn in the world of IT. What seemed like a drastic shift was a journey driven by curiosity and a love for problem-solving.

His interest in programming was sparked by a video game he played at the time.
From there, he delved deeper into the field, eventually landing at BlueGrid where he began a React course. What sets him apart is the ability to apply his culinary skills—precision, organization, and quick decision-making—to his new role in tech.

At BlueGrid, Ljubiša found a supportive environment that valued his passion and motivation over formal education. Starting as a support team member, he navigated various roles, each one contributing to his growth and development as a technical support engineer. His journey shows us the power of dedication and continuous learning.

Curious about how a chef turned into an IT expert?
Watch the full interview below and find out more about his career transitions.

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