Subscription Payment Processor

This is a globally distributed payment processing platform for the Shopify ecosystem.

What it does is helping store owners create and manage recurring payments for their products through an intuitive customer portal. And to track processed payments as well with $7.5B in processed payments.

Subscription Payment Processor

What makes this product stand out is its connection to the Shopify e-commerce platform. Within Shopify shop owners are able to add recurring and subscription-based order models.

On one end, this helps their customers create recurring orders for their favorite items, saving them time and making the order process frictionless. On the other hand, the shop owners are able to create predictable order models and also keep track of stock and order volumes more accurately.

The fact that Shopify ties into all major payment processors, and is a payment processor in itself, means that adding it to your Shopify store creates an e-commerce powerhouse.

With an ever-growing platform and product offering, some of the technologies you'll be exposed to are:

  1. Google Cloud Platform
  2. Python (Flask/SQLAlchemy/Marshmallow)
  3. JavaScript (Vue.js)
  4. MySQL and ReddisDB
  5. Splunk, Sentry & DataDog