Full stack Engineer

We are the group of experienced professionals in business development, customer happiness, engineering and web development who have gathered in order to share our experience and help companies grow and expand accordingly.

Currently, we are looking for a Full Stack Engineer who will be working on a product, related to the telco industry, specifically on the part of the project, that is mainly web-oriented.

Daily responsibilities

  • Develop Node.js based REST web services within a single platform
  • Write code, test code, review code
  • Develop user-facing features, build reusable components and front-end libraries with React
  • Automate to your heart's desire: code testing, builds, CI/CD, remote deployments
  • Working with distributed systems and microservices on a production environment

What we are looking for

  • Experience engineering cloud-based platforms using Node and React or comparable tech
  • Experience with Docker and how to structure Docker files
  • Experience with SQL, MongoDB modeling and programming using Mongoose
  • Knowledge of automated testing using Mocha and Chai
  • Experience working with API gateways
  • Spent some time creating front-end ReactJS web apps
  • Understands the React component lifecycle

Nice to haves

  • Worked with different monitoring and logging tools such as ELK, Datadog, etc.
  • Experience managing NGINX servers
  • Experience with Kubernetes
  • Experience with AWS services like Lambda, SQS, SNS, etc.
  • Experience with styled-components or any cool React UI component library
  • Understand how to use React Hooks and Context
  • Know how to use Gulp, Rollup, Yarn/NPM, and other JS tools
  • Familiarity with Next.js

What we offer

  • Convenient office location to all major public transportation line
  • Flexible work hours
  • Plenty of office events such as happy hours and learning sessions
  • Plenty of opportunities while we grow and scale
  • Helping those in need

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