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Work From Home Insider – Mystery Person Interview

So, we have decided to do some “playful cleverness” while being locked in isolation. Idea is to interview a few of our employees and the task others will have is to guess who was that. It’s a part of getting to know your colleagues and keeping close connection to everyone even while working remotely. Below is the intro and “get to know” with one of our employees (mystery person) working from home these days - BlueGrid went into “remote first” at the beginning of March.

Ivan: So, how are you? :)

Never better! Thanks for asking 😉

Ivan: How are you managing this “work from home” thing?

To be honest, at first pretty well since I managed to finish every task I'll be given on time, didn't have any distractions, the fact that I can literally have a #wokeuplikethis haircut and start working but then I realized that I really miss my colleagues, their laugh/talk/everything about them, the ability to resolve things on the go instead of back and forth via emails/slack (I'm more of a face to face kinda type than hiding behind some text) and last but not least, that morning coffee with them!

Ivan: Can you balance out work day and day off while working from home?

Nope, I'm a workaholic and it doesn't make any difference for me if I work from home or from the office. In short, I'm a bad balancer! :)

Ivan: Did your routine change in the meantime?

Yeah, it did for sure, except I wasn't expecting to gain some weight with this new routine lol!

Ivan: Are you able to rate productivity rate of working in isolation vs working in office?

Ugh, there are definitely pros and cons but I can say that my productivity rate is def. higher for projects which have a deadline and require full concentration while working from home.

Ivan: What is the world made of?

They say the world is made of atoms/living organisms etc. but I say the world is made of huge lines of green code on a black screen!

Ivan: How would “watchmen” (movie) end if Dr. Manhattan didn’t change his belief regarding “miracles ” (scene on Mars with ms Jupiter)?

 Ouch, I didn't watch it... :( But I def. will for sure! 

Ivan: We are all having our routines changed by isolation, how do you keep lean :) and healthy?

Eghm, already gave you an answer and if going from 88kg to a 94kg is a healthy way of living, if you're interested, I can def. give you some tips on how to achieve this! :D 

Ivan: Do you think your gaming skills are sharp as ever?

Oh yeah!

Ivan: What movie/show do you recommend for this time of isolation?

Locke & Key!

Ivan: Marvel or DC?

Dugh, based on my home office you can clearly see who is the winner!

Ivan: Why? :)

Dunno, I simply like them more I guess? :D 

Ivan: For the end, I’d love a quote of one of your favorite movie characters or from one of your favorite movies :)

“It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.” - Bruce Wayne, Batman Begins

Ivan: I was expecting something from Marvel franchise :)

Ivan: It’s not about DC Comics but about the fact that my favourite director is Christopher Nolan 😏

Ivan: See you soon!

I really hope that soon will be soon!

Ivan: Wait wait, can we have a picture of your “home office” For show and tell?

Sure, here they are (and this is not a paid commercial for Nintendo / Marvel 😁)!