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Will WordPress kill web developers?

Will WordPress kill web developers

Will WordPress kill Web developers? - we think not. Once you start using WordPress, you will immediately see that WordPress is working in tandem with web designers, rather than against them.

WordPress is helping web developers

WordPress has positively altered the web. It has forced other websites to be more user-friendly, more dynamic.

Many people believed that when WordPress first became popular, it would kill web developers, yet in reality, WordPress helped them. People felt that simpler websites meant that they would never need a web developer's services; therefore, the more simple they were, the fear grew.

The issue was that WordPress was complicated enough that just because someone with little online experience could install a WordPress website didn't mean it was experienced enough to handle things. It would still require a web developer.

WordPress is robust enough to support e-commerce and presentational websites while remaining simple enough that someone with minimal experience can install it. Because of its strengths and weaknesses, it has become one of the most popular website creation platforms.

Web developers, themes and plugins

While a client may be able to install WordPress, they may not be able to solve issues such as a broken theme or plugin. This creates opportunities for web developers to jump in. The lack of experience and knowledge by the client is just another way for a good web developer to pick up the work.

WordPress users who don't know how to create a new plugin rely on developed ones. So, these plugins had to be made by someone, those who make plugins are web developers. This applies to themes as well. Themes also had to be developed by someone with experience.

There are tons of themes and plugins, which were developed by web developers.

But, becoming a WordPress developer is not an easy task. You will have to master skills like PHP, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, etc.


In reality, WordPress is promoting online development rather than killing it. While some developers may despise or dislike WordPress, we think that it is one of the most stable platforms available. You will always need experienced web developers for something complicated, that you can not fix or develop by yourself.

As WordPress keeps on growing and evolving, despite some are saying that WordPress is dead, the demand for new developers will increase. Therefore there will be a need for new themes and plugins, which require developers to work on them.