Traffic Accidents Reporting Tool

The app in question simplifies a process that is usually very complicated and stressful - it is getting your car accident report details delivered to you as quickly as possible.

How the tool does its magic is that it collects data straight from the police department in charge of processing the information about the accident. Its simple and intuitive search form helps you submit your inquiry as quickly as possible and get the report emailed to you directly.

Traffic Accidents Reporting Tool Graph

At the same time, it can connect you with appropriate legal counselors to help you get through any challenges you might face during the process.

Some of the useful data that the application gets back to you is Driver info (age, license, and insurance status for all drivers), whether there were any injuries (and their extent), and the vehicle information.

Although looking simple, there's serious engineering being done under the hood in order to connect you to all relevant police databases on a local and federal level.

Here's what helps make these connections:

  • AWS and Google Cloud Platform
  • React.js and Node.js
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Jenkins, Puppet
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