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Top 5 Remote Working Software Tools

This year, many companies have discovered and started implementing software tools and resources that enable employees to be as productive as possible while working from home. Adjusting to this type of work comes with a unique set of challenges. Therefore you will need to have a unique set of tools to tackle them.

An important part of planning for work from home success includes arming yourself with the right toolbox of software. To help determine which tools are essential, we have created an intern questionnaire for all our teams.

Here is the BlueGrid list of five essential software tools for remote work

  1. SLACK - Described as a place “Where Work Happens,” Slack is an instant messaging platform for work. It offers critical features like real-time messaging, file sharing, voice calls, a searchable archive, and screen sharing. These capabilities make it a perfect software solution for work from home because it is easy to collaborate with team members wherever you are.
  2. TRELLO - Easy-to-use web-based tool for managing projects that can be used for individual task management or project management for an entire team. It lets you assign tasks to individual team members or a group of team members. Above all, it tracks deadlines. Also, Trello’s mobile app is simple to use, making it perfect for the remote worker on the go.
  3. ZOOM - Most popular group calling app with an amazing quality of the video. Zoom is easy to use, most affordable, and straightforward pricing. During remote Meetings & Video Chat, you can record any call with a full-length video. You can share your screen with teams for combined discussions. Zoom Phone is a new solution to say hello in 40+ countries & territories.
  4. GOOGLE DRIVE - Needs no introduction. You do not want remote work to stifle your ability to store and share important documents. Google Drive lets you store and organize documents, collaborate with team members in real-time regardless of geographic location, and share documents, spreadsheets, or presentations with whoever you choose.
  5. MAILSPRING - a new free e-mail client for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Mailspring is a very useful key feature for email tracking, accessing social media, and building a target profile. Allows you to centralize a single database in the cloud to manage the data of all interactions between a company and its clients.

In conclusion, all the tools we have looked at this blog serve different purposes. However, each one of them is crucial for maximizing productivity. So, choose wisely.

If you have a suggestion for any other great software tool, let us know.

Stay safe and stay productive 😊