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Team retreat vol.2 aka run to the hills!

The weather forecast for last weekend said: extremely hot temperatures with no fresh breeze. So there we were thinking about how to survive that weekend. Should we get a bucket of ice, hide in the house with air conditioning and pray for some rain? None of these ideas sounded good enough. Therefore we decided to open our senses and we all heard Zlatibor calling us. It was time for team retreat vol.2 aka run to the hills! We had the best three days in the week ahead of us - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So let's start with a song -

It's Friday...

There we were, 11 BlueGriders, two vehicles, and a ton of good energy. Ready to spend our weekend on mountain Zlatibor. Enjoy fresh air, pleasant temperature, and explore the wonders of nature!

We arrived safely and decided that before we relax completely we need to finish our tasks. But let's face it, you can't work when you are hungry and when your caffeine level is low. So first thing was first - breakfast, coffee and after that, we were ready to get to work.

Good weather and the fact that the weekend was so close gave us the motivation to finish everything on time. And finally, it was the time to close our laptops and let the games called - team retreat vol.2 aka run to the hills begin!

Drinks and snacks were served, the board game of the night was chosen, and the party started. Here we learned that teamwork comes in many shapes and sizes and that it is so much funnier to use storytelling instead of synonyms to describe a specific term!

Then there's Saturday

The weekend arrived, the sun has risen and it was time for our first adventure! After some delicious food, we headed to Višegrad. During our ride, we finally had the time to catch up and listen to great music. The one thing that never left our side was the smile on our faces. And soon the city of Višegrad was ahead of us. Built in the 15th century with 11 arches the bridge over the river Drina in Višegrad left a big impression on us.

We stooped for a quick bite - coffee and a traditional Bosnian cake called baklava.

Therefore we were ready for our next location - the waterfall in Gostilje. 11 BlueGriders hiked, looked for potential animals, and observed nature together. Reaching new heights as a team never felt and looked better!

It was time for us to go back to our house and get ready for something special! A big celebration was on our agenda. We couldn't think of a better way to spend that Saturday than to celebrate the birthday of one of our teammates.
Cake - check, candles - check, midnight - check. Happy birthday our dear Isidora, let's get this fiesta started!

Sunday, what?

On Sunday we woke up with party mode still on. We packed our bags and were ready for our final stop before we headed back home. Aaaaaall aboard! It was time for a train ride called the Shargan 8, 15.445 meters long railway. 20 tunnels and stopping points with magical views. The best part of our ride was that we could stand outside during the whole trip and observe the stunning nature that surrounded us. Andrenaline rush was on point!

We decided to seize the day so Drvengrad also had to be visited. Perfect time for a short walk in the place with authentic architecture surrounded by miles of green trees and blue skies above us.

Our team retreat made us realize once again that true inspiration comes from people. People who are always ready for an adventure. People who are aware that the most important thing is to make the best of their day. People who make great memories as a team.

Farewell our beloved Zlatibor, we had the best time! Thank you for your inspiration and for the incredible dose of motivation that we all needed. We'll be back again soon, till then stay cool! :)