Sales Engineer

As part of the BlueGrid Sales Team, you will directly engage with new Leads and existing customers alike, across live chat, email, and phone. Together with your Team members, you will be responsible for driving the BlueGrid's revenue growth; engaging with existing clients to ensure a frictionless Customer experience and eliminate (or minimize) any potential churn risks. You'll play a vital role in meeting monthly and quarterly targets. Also, you'll be working with team members from other departments, in creating a seamless User and Customer journey. On an individual level, you are responsible for the Leads and Accounts placed under your watch. You will maintain information transparency with your Team Lead and Team Members through regular activity reports and status updates. Managing expectations, setting priorities and meeting deadlines are second-nature to you, as you understand the importance of these 3 factors for the sales ecosystem. You're punctual, organized and pro-active with your tasks. Being part of a Tech Sales Team, you'll master BlueGrid's product portfolio as that knowledge will help you build long-lasting, scalable and flexible solutions for your client's problems. Job location: Belgrade

Core Responsibilities

  • Plan, execute and monitor daily sales activities
  • Provide meaningful performance reports, focusing on improving the Sales funnel and Conversion rates
  • Will provide direct phone, live chat, and lead channel coverage
  • Will follow-up with existing clients on a regular and professional basis, in order to identify potential pain points, upsell/cross-sell opportunities and minimize churn risks
  • Keep Salesforce entries up-to-date, with the latest information always available to your team members
  • Provide weekly/monthly/quarterly reports on the marketing to sales opportunity funnel, in respect to your individual assignments
  • Will understand the BlueGrid B.A.N.T. qualification process and be responsible for its proper application as well as suggestions on ways of improving/evolving it
  • Take part in training and/or development programs as they directly relate to service quality as well as advancement opportunities
  • Experience (preferable but not mandatory, since hands-on training is provided)
  • Experience with sales management, account management and working in a B2B Sales environment
  • Knowledge of Salesforce CRM, Hubspot, and other common Sales & Marketing tools
  • Familiarity with common online marketing tools and techniques for inbound lead creation & conversion
  • High level written and verbal communication skill
  • Background in hosting, networking, or any other associated technology industry (good to have but, not essential)
  • Being active on social networks to drive in the potential leads into sales funnel from social media

Personal Qualities

  • Embraces change; actively looks for ways to do things better and faster
  • Enjoy working in an informal and collaboration¬≠ heavy team environment
  • Energetic, proactive, and a strong desire to achieve team and company goals

What We Offer

  • You will work in a dynamic and fast-paced environment that deals with industry-leading technologies and high-profile international corporations. As part of the sales team, you'll work with both SME companies as well as Enterprise-grade companies. There are plenty of opportunities for both personal and professional growth and acquiring new skills, making you a very competitive asset in today's job market.

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