Business Development 1 minute read

“Plan B” is Planning For Failure

Just recently there was a video with Arnold Schwarzenegger where he explained why the “Plan B” is dead weight. We wanted to touch base on this topic and express the importance of understanding the weight of the truth behind this matter. Long story short is that when you start doubting your plan, regardless of whether it’s because you started talking to yourself that you can’t do it or someone else was putting you down, the energy you should have been putting in the “Plan A” is now applied into “Plan B”. This is where the potential of effect your original idea starts losing its swing. It’s the moment your idea is doomed because you have started planning for failure from the very beginning.

Sometimes all it takes is the focus, cap your earholes for naysayers, leap into the unknown, and watch the results happen. Unfortunately, there is no universal process for success, if you believe in something you have to leap.

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