Growing your teams

BlueGrid develops talented individuals and helps you grow them into high-performing teams, dedicated to customer success.

Business Growth Task Force

We’ve gathered our long term experience in growing businesses and improving the sales funnel conversion rates to offer quite unique experience. Main focus for business task force is offering a revenue model where the idea behind conversions is NOT conversion but, relationship with prospects and then clients. We are wrapping up business growth from SEO and marketing strategy through sales

What you get

  • Ability to choose your own task force members
  • Assistance in achieving 24/7 coverage
  • Financially affordable team
  • A team dedicated to you solely

Web Development

Our dev teams are operating as a whole while being overseen by our Project Managers to make sure product development goes according to plan designed by our client or by us, internally. This process is very important as leading the product development firmly relies on SCRUM project management methodology or similar approaches where timeline is backbone of proper development flow. Types of projects we are proficient with are:

  • Presentation
  • Process management
  • Information
  • (Big)Data science
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Financial

Systems Engineering

Our systems engineering team is responsible for maintaining your platform, designing improvements, designing networks and system configurations from ground up, working on mitigation of certain incidents and issues for long term solution. We are experienced with using and integrating different monitoring systems to help us automate different actions in order to perform proper system “bedside care”. If situation requires us to, we will develop our own tool with this purpose.

Below are common responsibilities of our systems engineering team:

  • Monitor and deploy infrastructure
  • Maintain highest level of system reliability
  • Work with developers, because even developers need heroes
  • Apply security standards required by security policies
  • Work on designing the information system
  • Communicate with vendors on different projects

Network Engineering

Network engineering teams are responsible for maintaining current networks on larger or smaller scale, DC deployments, incident response and designing new networks on upstream or on lower scale, depending on the requirement.

Some of main tasks network engineer is responsible for:

  • designing system configuration, managing infrastructure
  • design and implement new solutions and improve stability of the current environment
  • improve network performance
  • investigate network faults
  • manage firewall environments in line with security policy
  • upgrade data network equipment
  • Manage routing and switching equipment and firewalls
  • provide remote support to remote engineers

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