Customer Success Specialist

We're looking for a Customer Success Specialist to join our team in supporting a globally distributed Edge Delivery platform, used by more than 800,000 customers, ranging from early-stage enterprises to Fortune 100 organizations.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide assistance to upper mid and enterprise-level customers to tune the security system to their type of traffic and needs. 
  • Participate in the process of integrating and releasing new service knowledge and functionality.
  • Learn, document, and relay knowledge from R&D to Support.
  • Develop and maintain professional credible relationships with key customers.   
  • Support and instruct methods of web traffic analysis to determine, maintain and adjust security system behavior and security WAF rules for enterprise clients. 
  • Contribute to product, R&D, and sales with information to assist in perfecting the service and user experience.

Desired Skills and Experience

• Self-motivated and highly professional with the ability to lead and take ownership and responsibility.
• Extensive problem solving and troubleshooting skills
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
• Knowledge of web-related languages.
• Solid knowledge of networking and internet protocols such as TCP/IP, DNS, HTTP, and SSL.
• Fluent English skills.

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