HR as a Service

HR as a Service was designed to maintain the HR structure in consulting relationships between companies. HR structure is the key component on which every company relies to maintain and deploy people as a value and as part of the company culture, mission, and vision. People, being the greatest asset to a company, require a very delicate approach and structure in order for a company to best utilize this asset for both sides’ benefit. The scope of HR structure delivers some of the crucial elements for any company backbone, mechanisms for rules and local laws to be applied and followed, to make sure employees and the company is all protected.

In, we strive towards an agile approach in every segment of our business thus, HR has a very deep involvement in company structure and business execution. The HR team is included in creating or revisiting company values that define what’s our “people value” and our responsibility towards society. We strongly believe that having clear values helps with aligning with people on shooting for the same goal and it helps everyone fly synchronously in the same flok.

What makes HR as a Service interesting on a global scale is that it is not a standard outsourcing business, it does not require a separate team for one side of the relationship to manage the operations of the outsourced team on the other. HRaaS is a model that cuts at least a few corners to deliver high-quality remote team management and, one of the most important things to companies seeking outsourcing, direct management over the team without a need for the project manager (unless wanted). HRaaS comes in different forms and purposes, some are cloud-based platforms, some are outsourced HR professionals, at the end of the day, the difference will justify the need for a company HRaaS is aiming for. HRaaS relies on people to take care of people while utilizing most of the tools available to wrap up the company structure with remote teams. What we aim for is to provide the offload of the entire HR scope for companies by ensuring quality of staff, performance, legal support with a professional work environment.

In the end our HRaaS system nurtures the best possible culture and is focused on people and happiness as a goal at the end of the HRaaS process. Every well-designed system needs to fit well in everyone’s hand 🙂

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