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How does MetricsFlare affect product development?

When it comes to product development you are aware that there will be challenges along the way. But let's face it, when you are working in a team it is much easier to face those challenges and turn your idea into reality.  On the other hand, the most important part of every successful business is what your customers think and feel about it. In other words, you need to make sure that they are satisfied with your work and learn how to improve your services. This is where MetricsFlare comes in! MetricsFlare can help you to learn how your customers feel about your service by looking at different reporting scopes.
So how does MetricsFlare affect product development?

How does MetricsFlare affect product development

With MetricsFlare you will gain access to:

  • One-click reporting system
  • Geo Reporting
  • Real-time reviews
  • Agent performance statistics
  • Transparency page
  • Loyalty insights
  • Growth navigation system
  • Customized surveys

Throughout three segments: NPS, CES, and CSAT MetricsFlare gives you a clear insight into the process of product development. Pointing out product shortcomings while also showing you its benefits. Therefore these metrics detect the quality of the team's work. Together they give you a complete picture of the development process. Using these metrics you always get the answer to two questions:

What is the reason for a bad score?
How can you make it better?

Main benefits of using MetricsFlare in product development

As mentioned MetricsFlare gives you access to Insights. This feature gives you access to the comments and reactions of users with the recommendation of AI comments that guide you in the direction of solving potential problems. Every comment that is written in English gets tags that contain the tone and the emotion of the comment.

You can also see from which channels you get the most users and from which countries. This way you can consider whether to add in an additional language on the site for easier navigation. Or better yet, should you hire support in the language team. Additionally, you can see when users are most active during the day - in that time there should be more employees in the shift. With these guides you know you should not make some major changes to the product so you can avoid interfering with the user’s work.

With MetricsFlare you also have an insight into Browsers and OS statistics - which operating system they use, do they enter more via phone or computer. This affects the responsiveness of the site, whether the product needs to be more adapted to mobile or desktop devices.

These are just some of the many benefits that MetricsFlare offers, but its possibilities are unmeasurable.


As the saying goes "'s not about the destination but the journey". Along the journey of product development, you should focus on your goal but most importantly you have to give your best during the whole process. Always remember to check your client's pulse because, in the end, their feedback matters the most. Visit and give it a try.

We are sure that you will be surprised by his benefits when it comes to product development! :)