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FAQ by Candidates

General FAQ

You have joined What’s next?

Here is the overall “must-know” article that will help you and us in the onboarding process.


Because of too many reasons 🙂 For one, is not just any company, we could start by counting all of the “for” reasons but they all fit in our company values, so we won’t 🙂 All jokes aside, represents the positive spirit, good vibes, and most of all, holds on to the core values with both hands and we are creating teams by choosing team members carefully. By joining our team you’ll be a part of the company that proudly takes part in supporting the humanitarian actions of different organizations.

What industries do you outsource for?

We are outsourcing customer-oriented teams and software solutions development in financial, HR, geo-focused, security, and other industries. Our main differentiation is that we are creating dedicated teams where clients and our employees are working together as being a part of a single entity.

What is the work atmosphere like in offices or working culture in general?

We are maintaining positive energy vibes and atmosphere as such thus when all people we’ve chosen fit the core values people are the ones responsible for making the atmosphere as it is. Oh, and we like to have fun, so you see, we really count on you to make the atmosphere legendary!

Does prefer home office or office office?

We don’t really care as long as you are “catching the ball”, so to speak. Office work performance is undisputedly higher when working from the office. Of course, it depends on the work itself but, from our own research, it has been shown that human personal contact drives performance. Generally, we have an open office policy so, as long as you are synchronized with’s core values, we got your back wherever you work from.

How to know if I am the right fit for culture?

Check out our company values page and if you find yourself to have those, to us, highly important core values then, we are meant for each other 😉

Hiring FAQ

Will my resume reach hiring team if I simply apply via email?

Definitely! Our hiring task force monitors email applications on a regular basis and you will be replied to as soon as possible with the status of your application.

How many steps are there in the hiring process?

It depends on the role you are applying to. As we hire for different teams and different clients/products expectations are varying as well. Usually, there is CV selection, initial phone screening where we run through your CV with you, office interview, test (if applicable) and then we meet you with our client. Meeting our clients with one more or two video calls closes the loop and, hopefully, we get to hang out together 🙂

Do I need a cover letter when applying for positions?

Absolutely (not)! Some applicants used cover letters to present themselves outside the CV capability and purpose which gave them a pretty good advantage as it allowed us to meet them better. Generally, it’s not something we require, however, it could give you room to present yourself better.

What to focus on during the interview?

Just be who you are… That sounds lame 🙂 Focus on how you can help us leave the dent in the world. Focus on showing your positive side and vibe but, be sure that you believe in the same values we do. Company values, if honestly generated, provide guidance for great culture. If followed and if a person believes in the same values we do we can create great things together.

Are there on-site tests I need to pass as part of the interview process?

You can expect to have on-site tests for certain roles where a deeper understanding of a candidate’s expertise is needed. For example, engineering roles require some level of testing, it is usually just a “surface scratch test” before the “take-home test”. 

Can I apply for a general position if there are no positions open in my area of expertise?

Absolutely! There is a general application form in case you don’t find yourself filling out any of the currently open positions. Feel free to ping us there.

What technologies do you hire for mostly?

Since offers HR as a service for different products, our targeted technologies we hire for change. So far, has created teams for financial, HR, geo-focused, security, and other industries thus, the main code base varied based on the product and client’s tech requirement.