Edge computing platform specifically designed to speed up web delivery!

With years of engineering and research behind it, it provides a global network of highly performant servers allowing you to quickly and efficiently deploy and manage your data right where your users are. Its proprietary database management and distribution technology allow as-close-as-possible real-time data syncing and management.

Distributed edge compute platform graph

Taking a closer look, the platform provides a quick and reliable serverless environment to be used for running latency-sensitive applications. Also, all of the services you might need to deploy and manage said platforms are already in the environment so the whole process is super-simplified.

Built with tech teams in mind, the platform boasts an easy-to-use Control panel and robust API as well as native support for all the major Cloud platforms - AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure...

Part of the under-the-hood list for this platform contains:

  • AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • Node.js / React.js
  • Kafka, Pulsar, Flink
  • NoSQL