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Customer or Employee

Chicken or the egg kind of a question really, we’ve decided to tell our point of view on this matter. It does sound also like “who does parent love more, spouse or their child”. Having the nature of the issue in mind we have to consider different scopes in which both options reside thus, you can’t really compare them in the same realm.

The company needs revenue from customers to survive but, it also needs happy employees to take care of those customers. You can hear or read the saying “take care of your employees and they will take care of your customers”. This question just can’t be answered more truthfully. To each their own and you’ll close the circle making customers happy by taking care of your employees.

There are numerous arguments for why should customers come first and why employees should come first but, in reality, those are not rarely applicable because, again, those two categories do not belong in the same realm and should be treated appropriately.

- What about when you have to choose between customer or employee -

From personal experience, this just means that you have chosen to have such a choice in front of you. There is always a third option, you can take care of your employee and still make your customer happy. 

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