has your back!

We are small but, a company that values its employees deeply and we'll make sure you are covered. Aside from cutting-edge technologies, we are onboarding you on we want to make sure that the environment is nourishing and drives you to grow. To help you achieve that, we offer you:

Health insurance - Health insurance is covered by Triglav insurance company. The insurance is also adapted to colleagues that work remotely, meaning: it includes a list of institutions and services in different cities. For everything regarding health insurance, we have a person dedicated to us directly from Triglav, and you can contact that person at any time.

Open vacation policy - values people as the people who are making up to what we call the culture in our company. We want our people to get properly rested rather than obligate them to plan the resting within a specific number of days.

7 -1 - 7 working hours plus 1 hour for a pause which makes up the 8 hours total. Flexible working hours. Choose to work remotely or from the office. Overtime and holidays are paid even though it’s not mandatory for our employees to work on these hours, this is yours to choose. This is absolutely an employee’s choice. What’s important to us is that an employee is satisfied, well-rested, and productive.

Training and courses - If you want to learn new things regarding your job, or you wish to go even further and learn something brand new - absolutely! We are here to support you on your journey. Share your idea with your team leader or with HR and make a plan together. We have tons of great courses and tutorials on platforms such as A Cloud Guru, CBT Nuggets, and Udemy. But if you have a suggestion about a new course that we could add to our list, feel free to let us know! At the end of the day, when it comes to knowledge only one motto counts - sharing is caring!

Knowledge transfer - This is one of the many great ways for us to connect even better! Are you wondering how? Knowledge transfer sessions come in different ways: Very often BlueGriders want to share their knowledge and experience on a certain topic such as tools, programming languages, diet, or time management. Everyone is great at something, and with knowledge transfer, we have an opportunity to learn something new and to share our knowledge with everyone else!

Happy hour and events - In BlueGrid having fun is a very important part of our culture! And what would it look like if we didn’t find some time to gather up and play some games, have fun and laugh? In the last couple of months, we had some cool group events. Take a look at it and see how it all went.
Some of us didn’t even know that they like board games. And now they can’t wait to make their own board game collection. Those are the moments that we like the most and for that reason, we organize these types of events. We are not the team on paper or on social networks alone. We exist, breathe and work like this.

Paternity and back to school - Becoming a parent is an extraordinary thing, therefore we made sure that our new fathers get paternity leave. Also, one of the most important things in a family is the child’s first day at school. Because of that on the 1st of September, you have a day off to spend it with your family.

Training sessions - Our clients have different needs but we are practicing the same culture. Culture in which people come first. We believe that the best way to get familiar with your daily activities is through training sessions. This is the best way for you to widen your knowledge and interests and along with this, we can learn something new from you too. Not only will you learn about the product on which you will work but also, which is an important thing too, you will learn and practice how to communicate with the team, how the information flows around, and what is the best way for you to express your needs. It’s important for you to understand your position but it’s more important for all of us to find a way to impel and improve your development and job satisfaction.